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Short bob is a hairstyle that mature women love. Check what it looks like and to whom it suits. This cut will be a hit in the fall and winter

Are you looking for inspiration for the fall / winter season? Bet on a short bob. This is an extremely feminine and comfortable hairstyle. See what a short bob looks like and who should choose it to emphasize your beauty.

Bob has many varieties, but one of them deserves special attention this fall – its short version. This distinctive cut adds clarity and is practical. A well-made cut will not be a problem for everyday styling. And that’s what short bob women all over the world love for.

The short bob is a short version of the classic bob. Here, the hairline ends at the level of the chin or just behind the ear. The ends of the hair may or may not be shaded. The shaded option is a proposal for people who are not afraid of bold solutions. Then you can choose an asymmetrical hairstyle, for example a bob shorter on one side or long at the front and very short at the back.

The short bob looks best in a straight and smooth version, but nothing prevents it from slightly waving it. Then you will get a slightly romantic and more delicate look. This trendy hairstyle will look great with side bangs, straight bangs or side bangs.

Bob is a universal haircut that suits any type of beauty, age and hair color. As this is a fairly short cut, you must bear in mind that your face and neck will be more visible than with the longer varieties. It is also an ideal solution for people with oval and diamond face shapes. Mature women love short haircuts, which is why they should especially choose this cut, which will visually rejuvenate them.

What is the advantage of short bob is also its disadvantage. As already mentioned, with this hairstyle, the face, neck and décolletage are exposed. That is why it is so important to take care of these parts of the body. Holders of a short neck should avoid cuts that go through the middle of it. The hairline should be close to the ear.

A well-cut haircut should not cause problems with everyday styling. Especially since the bob in question is a short haircut and it would seem that there are not many options for styling it. If you are a fan of unbridled hairstyles and waves, there is nothing to stop you from achieving it. Then you have to start right after washing your head. Rub the styling gel into the strands and let the hair dry. If you want more twist, use a dryer diffuser.

If, on the other hand, you bet on a simple bob, a straightener will come in handy, which will tame the strands and make them perfectly smooth. Do not forget to apply a cosmetic to your hair that protects it from high temperature before using the device. Do you want to enjoy the perfect cut? Be sure to visit your hairdresser regularly to refresh them.

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