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These hairstyles are getting old! Avoid them if you don’t want to add years to yourself [ZDJĘCIA, INSPIRACJE] 11/09/22

Some hairstyles, contrary to appearances, associated with youth, can make us look at least 10 years older. Radical cutting or stubborn hair growing may not always be effective, because not all fashionable and popular hairstyles will match the shape of your face or figure. Which of them will age the most? What cuts and hairstyles should I watch out for? We advise.

When following the latest hairdressing trends, we don’t always have to follow them blindly. It turns out that not all hairstyles, even those that are currently hot, are suitable for us. Instead of giving us freshness and rejuvenation, they will make us look at least a few years older. Here are the cuts and pinches to avoid:

  • Too long hair
    Long, thick hair is every woman’s dream. However, not everyone knows that they can age. The longer it is, the harder it is to keep it in good condition – the ends break and the hair becomes greasy faster. In addition, they can appear thinner and thinner. The average length will be much better.
  • Color too bright
    If you don’t want to add years, avoid overly bright colors such as blood red, blue, purple or very light, unnatural blonde. Light hair looks bad on darker complexions as well.
  • Too dense fringe
    Thick hair is every woman’s dream. Many believe that by asking your hairdresser to make a fringe, it will add a youthful appearance to yourself. Nothing could be more wrong. If our fringe is too thick, it can make us optically add a few kilograms. In turn, the eyes will appear smaller than they really are.
  • Color too dark
    It has been known for a long time that dark hair ages, exposing skin imperfections. Jet-black look is the worst choice. It adds years and makes the face appear more tired.
  • Even and highly smoothed hair
    Imperfections are also emphasized by very straight, evenly trimmed and smooth hair. To look a little younger, better opt for light waves, shading or grading. They will certainly seem more natural.
  • Chelsea cut and bob with fringe
    It is a hairstyle that is characterized by shaved hair on the back and longer sides and bangs. Very similar to a bob. They emphasize the jaw and eyes, which are places that reveal our age the most. Even, sharp hairstyles add years instead of subtracting them.
  • Permanent
    Undoubtedly, it is a comfortable hairstyle that will help you save time – it does not require styling every day. Unfortunately, not many women look good in it. It is mainly associated with older ladies who often wear a real, stiff afro on their heads.
  • A thin fringe
    Not only does it not cover wrinkles, but also draws attention to fine hair, which can add years to us.
  • Strong highlights
    Let’s make an appointment, strong strands have long gone out of fashion. However, there are women who still dye their hair this way. Unfortunately, they look unnatural and thus add to themselves at least 10 years.
  • Big buns, retro hairstyles and a pin-up girl
    Too tight and large buns and pin-ups have the disadvantage of making us look more serious. They reveal the face, revealing all wrinkles at the same time. Usually, these types of hairstyles and retro hairstyles look good only on the covers of fashion magazines.
  • Tongue
    A very bold hairstyle that does not require combing, which makes it extremely comfortable. However, it should be mentioned that it highlights all facial wrinkles and minor discolorations.

To see Instagram photos of hairstyles that add years go to the photo gallery.

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Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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