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Vari, the Colombian jewelry firm, is now transformed into Fun Society Inc.

Colombian design continues to grow and this is demonstrated Fun Society Inc.whose name he envisioned was VARIa brand that was born in 2019 as a creative jewelry firm with a 100% Colombian business model.

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Now the project wants to bite more and expands beyond accessoriesthen, based on the best childhood memories, decide to launch a line of versatile clothing with that candor that characterizes them so much.

The first collection in this new chapter is called ‘press for fun‘, alluding to the hours of play for which many feel nostalgic, but which allows us to expand our creativity from a style that does not neglect sophistication.

Chromes chatted with Camila Munozone of the founders of this brand, to learn more about this interesting adventure:

Cards: How did the change from Vari to Fun Society come about?

Camila Munoz: In the last year we discovered our purpose beyond creating fun and unique jewelry and the change from Vari to Fun Society Inc. is the consequence. Our purpose is to keep awake the inner child that lives in each one to lead adult life with a little more fun, freedom, authenticity and adventure as when we were little.

With jewels like the balloons from Balloon Party (2020), and the gold-dipped sweets from Golden Treats (2021), we discovered that we could generate these emotions with our designs and that nostalgia is our source of inspiration, so we began the search for an identity that would better encompass this story, and with the help of the creative studio CASA CREA Fun Society inc was born, a new society in which we are all adults who want to have the luxury of having fun like children.

We have renewed our name, preserving our history and our essence. It has been the resignification of everything we create and everything we believe in since 2019 when we started Vari.

C: What encouraged you to venture into launching your own clothing line?

CM: When we decided to expand the universe of Fun Society, we did it to find more ways to materialize what for us is fun, beyond clothing as a product, we decided to venture to put our stamp on clothing: the details that arouse emotions and generate an experience or interaction.

We are committed to creating a clothing line in pursuit of our values: authenticity, fun, nostalgia, luxury and detail. And because we believe that style is an expression of the essence and authenticity of people. With clothing, the challenge is to make references or memories tangible, but we use our creativity to play until we achieve it.

C: What is this new line composed of?

CM: The first collection is Press for Fun, inspired by the interaction we had with our stuffed animals, when pressing the button on their paws they made a sound of an animal or a “I love you”.

We all had that stuffed toy that gave us security and confidence and we took it everywhere, now with these clothes we can dress up with fun and authenticity and take the party with us on a daily basis.

This is a style collection edgy and casual, composed of shorts, topsshort-sleeved shirts and basic t-shirts, silhouette oversized and mostly genderlesswith prints cartoonish and embroidered details; undoubtedly garments for a more sophisticated use, but never boring.

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C: What can we expect in the future of the brand?

CM: Fun Society Inc., a brand dedicated to reinterpreting the meaning of play. Preserving our essence and based on authenticity, fun, nostalgia, luxury and detail, our values ​​of always, and assuming the challenge of making the intangible as tangible as the memories of our childhood, we will continue exploring different ways of materializing fun in increasingly experimental jewelery and clothing collections. Many hours of play and overload of creativity come until our society finds in us, not the “pole to earth” but the “pole to childhood”.

Source: Elespectador

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