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Copy this Emily Ratajkowski look and debut the high boots trend

The top model and businesswoman was recently seen Emily Ratajkowski walking the streets of New York with a look very fashionable autumn, with boots that are super in rage during this season. has walked with a look very inspiring autumn.

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The model Emily Ratajkowski She is one of the most attractive and desired women in the world. But she owes it not only to her physical attributes but to her excellent fashion sense.

This outfit is undoubtedly a very simple one to copy and also full of style. . with clothes on light tones and accessories in blackmake a outfits basic, become something elegant and sophisticated.

As always, you can find similar clothes in your favorite stores and it will not be difficult to recreate.

to recreate this look so special. You will only need these basics:

Emily Ratajkowski’s boots

The waders they never quite go away, and they come back trend with different variations year after year and they always look good. They can always be combined with pants and skirts and in this case, you can wear them for day to day and add that more sophisticated touch or for an event where you want to risk more. This is the example of Emily, who wears black boots knee length leather pointed toe. If you still do not have boots in your closet, it is key to get ones that will serve you for many occasions and are very versatile.

The monochromatic skirt and jacket in contrasting tones

The commitment to combine opposite tones will always give excellent results and the most classic, black and white, never fails. Here, you can even reverse it and get yourself some white boots and wear a black monochrome ouftit. But according to the top model, if what you want is to recreate her style, what you need is a turtleneck bench jacket, of the thickness you want, you can vary it, and a midi skirt, preferably in a fitted model. This combination succeeds in converting 2 basic pieces separately, in something elegant and feminine. Do not hesitate for a second to use it on formal and not so formal occasions, for the office, for a meal, or for an important lunch.

Try it and combine it with your favorite accessories.

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