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She couldn’t afford her dream wedding dress. She made it out of underwear

A wedding dress is one of the most important accessories for a bride. A few months before the ceremony, future wives look for their dream outfits in salons or sew them to order. This girl decided that she would do it herself, and the result was praised on the web. Internet users do not hide their admiration.

Let’s face it, wedding dresses from salons are expensive. Ladies, finding their dream outfit for this big day, are able to spend any money. Tiktokerka @_boringbb_ had a slightly different approach. While looking for the dress of her dreams, the woman concluded that although she cannot afford the model that catches her eye the most, she will find a different solution. The future bride took matters into her own hands and made the creation herself.

The dream of the woman was a streamlined dress in a lingerie style. The creative tiktokerka started to create on its own, and the video of the creative process was shared on the web. How did she do it?

The future bride grabbed a classic lace bodysuit, to which she added a skirt of similar material. I must admit that the effect amazed the creator herself.

There were a lot of comments under the post, in which Internet users praised the creation. As they admitted, a woman should open a business and design subtle and elegant dresses.

“This is beautiful! Please design my future wedding dress!”, “Amazing”, “The fairytale boho wedding dress of my dreams” – commented by TikTok users.

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