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Milk nails are a beautiful and stylish manicure. Minimalist will love it

Milk nails are an elegant and aesthetic proposition for a fashionable manicure for women of all ages. This season, it is this delicate trend that will reign supreme among stars and girls from the beauty industry. Do you want to try it out? See our inspirations.

Fashionable nails 2022 – Milk Nails

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new trends. This season, we focus on an aesthetic and subtle manicure. Celebrities also choose only natural proposals, possibly delicately varied with a flash or pattern. Hailey Bieber impresses with a pink-pearl manicure, and Jennifer Lopez boasts on Instagram with boho-style nails.

However, this is not the end of fashionable trends for the summer, on the contrary. It turns out that Milk Nails are returning to us, i.e. milk nails, which were the hit of 2020. Two years later, they are on top again because they fit perfectly into the aesthetic look. Here it is important to emphasize naturalness, not to cover it.

Manicure for summer 2022 – milk nails

Milk nails resemble a slightly spilled finish that combines classic white and this creamy, delicate pink. Their great advantage is the fact that they fit virtually any length and shape of the tile. Regardless of whether your nails are very short and round or long and square – milk nails will give them elegance and subtlety.

If you want to diversify the milk manicure, you can do it with small and delicate decorations. One of them is the mermaid effect, i.e. a delicate glitter, which is worth decorating, for example, with one finger on each hand. An interesting idea is also to decorate the tile with, for example, dots or lines that you can paint yourself with a thin brush.

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