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Liverpool vs Real Madrid: 3 ways to wear your favorite team’s shirt

Liverpool vs Real Madrid: 3 ways to wear your favorite team’s shirt

The Champions League final is a unique event, with one of the most important matches of the European football season. This Saturday, May 28, the final of the sports tournament between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be played at the Saint-Denis stadium in France.

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Lucho Diaz with Liverpool will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final, it will be the opportunity for the Colombian player, born in Barrancas, to shine in the final of this sports competition seen by more than 300 million people in the world.

As a curious fact, these clubs have only met twice in previous European Cup finals, specifically in 1981 and 2018; they add between them a total of 25 appearances in finals of Champions League/European Cup (nine for Liverpool and 16 for Real Madrid) since the inaugural edition of the competition ‘The Champions’.

If you are a fan of these two teams, we will tell you how you should wear your sports shirt and support your favorite team.

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3 ways to wear your sports shirt

1. Skinny pants and high-top sneakers

A very simple, simple outfit that you can use at home or in a pub or party place. Choose your favorite team shirt, get some skinny jeans or whites, and make sure you have some sneakers where part of your feet can be seen. Don’t forget to bring a leather or jean jacket. Do not forget to wear your loose shirt or tuck a part inside your pants.

2. Skirt and heels

You can wear your sports shirt and achieve a relaxed look, but a button-down shirt will be easier for you to wear. Combine the shirt with a black leather miniskirt above the knee and heels or better black ankle boots. You can tuck a part inside the skirt.

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If you want to combine this outfit with a long skirt, you can. Put on a plus size t-shirt. Then put it inside a long tube skirt, it is recommended to use it with white sneakers so that you feel comfortable at all times.

3. Wear it as a dress

You can wear a plus size sport shirt as a dress, so you can buy your garment and make sure it fits you big and can cover your body, but also feels comfortable to wear anywhere. You can wear it with sneakers, or make it elegant using high-heeled ankle boots.

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