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Leather hole punch – original applications

Fans of self-made gadgets are happy to use a leather punch. Where to buy this tool and how to use it?

Leather is a durable and well-presented material. It is eagerly used by amateurs of handicrafts. Belts, accessories and charming pendants made of this material give the interior a captivating vintage atmosphere. Fans of “homemade” items with this material in the lead role are willing to buy a leather punch. This tool greatly improves the process of creating various leather accessories. What is the use of a leather puncher for?

Leather hole punch – what characterizes it?

Numerous hardware stores – both stationary and online – offer a leather punch. It is a device that is mainly associated with making additional holes in trouser belts. It turns out, however, that The leather punch has many other interesting uses . If you are creative and you like handicrafts, be sure to learn more about this device.

Leather is a solid material that needs the right tools for processing. A leather punch specially adapted to this material will be perfect. Look for it in stores under the name revolver punch. It will also perforate leather-like materials, thick fabrics, cardboard and rubber. Typically, this jig looks like pliers with a suitable round tip. The width of the holes made depends on the type of equipment purchased.

How to use a leather punch in an interesting way?

If you are the owner of this tool and you like crafts, it is perfect. A leather punch can have many more uses than just extending a belt with a few holes when you put on a belt. Meet some practical ideas for applying a leather hole punch and choose the right one for you.

Creative decorative designs – not only made of paper!

If you want to prepare unusual materials for a celebration, you don’t have to limit yourself to paper. Invitations, greeting cards or vignettes made of leather materials similar to leather, thick fabric or cardboard are more and more common. Connected with a neat bow or a minimalist gray string, they look really atmospheric. Make holes in the two pieces of fabric for your designs. Then tie them up. It’s a great idea for original invitations to a special event, passes, pendants, tickets, passes .

Leather bracelet

Nice bracelets on a leather base cost a lot. And yet, with a little fantasy, you can make such jewelry yourself. Ecological leather, grain leather or suede will be an excellent choice. Beads, studs and other small decorative elements will also be useful. Your creativity counts . Make sure to prepare a leather punch and knops (fastening elements). Sew beads on the previously cut strip that fits your wrist. Attach knops to the holes made with a leather punch. Many people who appreciate original handicrafts will envy you such jewelry.

Leather handles for cabinets

This handicraft element gives the interior a vintage feel. Leather handles are suitable for minimalist furniture in the Scandinavian spirit or rustic interiors dominated by wood. Make the handles yourself. Remember to choose a solid leather – it will make the elements of the decor more practical . They can serve even for many years, and the satisfaction of making them yourself will be indescribable. To prepare these chic handles, a leather punch will of course be indispensable. Make long strips to the size of your cupboard (about 15 cm) and cut holes at their ends. You can also make the mounting pads of leather. Cut small squares (about 2×2 cm) and pierce them with a screw the size of which is suitable for the holes on the strip. Then you just need to attach it all evenly to the cabinet. The effect will surprise you.


Shops are swarming with lanyards and key charms. However, it is worth making your own – leather will be more solid, and hand-made guarantees originality . Prepare a leather strip, rivets, scissors and, of course, a leather punch and a key with a hole. Trim the strip so that it becomes a semicircular shape and fold it in half. Cut a hole for the rivet, insert it and fix the wrench, then snap the rivet tightly. It’s done! A leather punch and the right material is a field for creative people. If you like unusual additions and accessories, be sure to invest in this tool. Perhaps you will come up with your own, even more interesting applications. To work!

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