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When is it worth starting anti aging treatments? “Around the age of 20, a woman begins to get old”

Anti aging treatments have recently become very popular. Thanks to them, you can get rid of wrinkles, smooth and firm the skin. Although they seem to be mainly intended for the elderly, they are actually recommended for people in their twenties. What are their types? Can some of them be done by yourself at home? Ewa Olczak-Dziadolka, a cosmetologist, told about it on Dzień Dobry TVN.

Anti aging treatments. What is that?

Anti-aging treatments are aimed at restoring the skin’s youthful appearance, reducing wrinkles, lifting the oval of the face, and improving skin tension. Contrary to appearances, they are not intended only for the elderly. – Approx. At the age of 20, a woman begins to get old. Even then, it is worth, if someone wants, to act prophylactically against wrinkles – said Ewa Olczak-Dziadolka, cosmetologist on Dzień Dobry TVN.

Anti aging treatments include: various types of massages. – Kobido lifting massage is great for stimulating the skin and firming it. We also have HI-TECH treatmentswhich are great for achieving a lifting effect. It is such a procedure HIFUwhich acts on the fascia and raises the lower areas of the facial skin – said our interlocutor. Additionally, it is worth performing regenerative treatments. They rely on the controlled destruction of the skin.

– Partly, not all, of course. So that it would have time to regenerate, to produce new fibers, new cells, which is what we care about the most. These treatments are fractional laser or microneedle radiofrequency – said the specialist.

Which anti aging treatments can be performed at home?

In order to improve the firmness of the skin and give it a younger look, you do not need to use the help of specialists. Thanks to the right cosmetics, we can do a lot by ourselves at home. – It is worth using preparations – in terms of anti-wrinkles – which they contain peptides. They are the most cut proteins […] which were obtained in cosmetology – she said.

It is also worth using moisturizing creams. – Cream of hyaluronic acid, which is very moisturizing, does not directly reduce wrinkles, but visually rejuvenates the skin through moisturizing. We moisturize to optically smooth out wrinkles – our interlocutor explained.

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