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Grandpa’s trouser bag and a belt made up of the family. What else is hidden in Anna Dec’s wardrobe?

Anna Dec is known for her love of quality second-hand clothes. She proved it in the latest episode of Daria Pacańska’s cycle “Style is worth its weight in gold”. The weather presenter showed us her wardrobe, which is filled with memories.

Anna Dec in the series “Style is worth its weight in gold”

Anna Dec’s wardrobe is a mine of beautiful memories. Many clothes are associated with wonderful family or neighborhood stories. One of the most valuable things is a denim bag.

– There is after my late grandfather, Kazimierz. My mother made it for me when I was in elementary school. I am also going to pass it on to my little daughter. Interestingly, when I was in elementary school, that is, at least two decades ago, such denim bags have appeared many times in spring-summer trends. This is such a real recycled thing, such a memento of my grandfather. Great jeans, it’s hard to get such jeans now. I take her to the store, I throw myself fresh flowers. This is one thing I can’t throw away – said Anna Dec.

The host of the show “Skarby z Szafy” also told about the clothes she bought from her protagonists. – I bought a lot while filming this program. And it was not intended (…). From four houses I left with some things. Many participants were also so nice that they wanted to give it to me as a gift. I say: “no, hola, hola, it’s about making a dream come true, and I want to have my contribution to making your dreams come true”. Of course, I bargained, admitted Anna Dec.

An original Spanish dress was also found in Anna Dec’s wardrobe in an unusual way. There is a touching story connected with it. – It’s phenomenal, it’s solid. I don’t know if it’s handmade, but there’s an old tag as well. Cotton one hundred percent. I wore it with my shoulders exposed to white sneakers. I will never throw it away, because it is the crowning glory of my story, when my dream came true and I rented a very cheap room in the Old Town in the attic, near the Church of St. Anna. My neighbor was Ania, the widow of one of the actors of such old Polish cinema, and she just gave me this dresswhich was of great importance to her – confessed Anna Dec.

Second-hand clothes by Anna Dec

Annie Dec sometimes also buys shoes second-hand. He takes care of them, regularly giving them to the shoemaker. She also admitted that she uses the services of a seamstress. – What I can, I pierce myself. Even my husband pierces me sometimes, he is more patient with it. Just as it shortens my hair, it can sew something up for me. I get torn apart, I don’t have time and says: “Give it, I’ll sew it up” – admitted the weather presenter.

He also has many premium items in his wardrobe. There are also interesting stories associated with them. – I bought a belt, which the whole family has thrown on, for my 30th birthday. I wanted to have such a souvenir and something that I would be able to pass on to my daughter one day – she emphasized.

In an interview with Daria Pacańska, Anna Dec admitted that she was once ashamed to go to second-hand shops. – In the sixth grade of primary school, I moved to another school for a year, I also chose it a bit because my mother did not work there, and she taught in the previous one, and you know how teachers’ children are a bit uphill, but it also made me harder. life. There was a time then when a lot of children from very rich, affluent homes studied in this school. I was friends with girls who were very well dressed, had better quality, new things, and for me most of the things were second-hand. And I remember, I am ashamed of it even to this day, but I understand the stages of children’s awareness, I cut a tag out of such a hand-knitted vest and said that it was done by my grandmother, and it was second-hand.

And she added: “Second-hand I bought clothes from American brands, chain stores that were not in Poland then, and I said it was from my sister from the States, because I had a cousin in the States. I think I was looking for acceptance, I was afraid to break away”.

Anna Dec also buys children’s clothes in secondary stores, especially in virtual ones. You can find good quality items at low prices there.

Source From: Dziendobry

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