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Omicron’s effect on children revealed

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Head of Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Ergin Çiftçi made statements about the effects of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which has become dominant in Turkey as well as the world, on children.

Noting that the number of daily cases has exceeded 70 thousand with the effect of Omicron, Çiftçi emphasized that there has been a parallel increase in the cases of Covid-19 in children.

prof. Dr. Çiftçi said, “There has been a significant increase in the number of children who applied to our hospital and were hospitalized. All of our Covid-19 beds were empty recently. We discharged all our patients and the new Covid-19 case was not hospitalized. However, with the emergence of Omicron, the child became ill. and we have seen an increase in the number of hospitalizations. Currently, all our beds allocated for Covid-19 in our hospital are full.” he said.

“There are also children who are severely affected”

Noting that most of the children hospitalized due to Covid-19 have different underlying diseases, Çiftçi continued his words as follows:

“Covid-19 generally has a milder course in children compared to adults, but there are also children who are severely affected. For example, there are children who have liver, heart and kidney transplantation (transplantation), bone marrow transplantation, problems in the immune system, and chronic heart disease. Children with a different disease in the hospital may have to be hospitalized when they catch Covid-19. Our inpatients are mostly like this. We do not currently see a bad course in healthy children who do not have an underlying disease. The disease generally progresses better than the Delta variant. Healthy We do not have a child hospitalized in our hospital due to Covid-19.”

prof. Dr. Pointing out that Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) can rarely be seen in children who have had Covid-19, Çiftçi said, “Some of the children who have experienced Covid-19 with or without symptoms may develop what we call Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome approximately 1-1.5 months after recovery. The most common symptoms we see in the disease are skin and mucous membranes such as rashes on the body, redness in the eyes, cracked lips, peeling. used the phrase.


Also, due to diseaseNausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, palpitations and heart failure Explaining that they saw organ involvement with findings such as: Çiftçi said:

“Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, if not treated in a timely manner, can unfortunately cause the death of children. The disease develops in a very small proportion of children with Covid-19. Families should follow their children within 1-1.5 months after the disease. “If symptoms are observed, they should be taken to a doctor. Keeping in mind the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, the child should be reported to the physician who had Covid-19.”

Farmer stated that physicians can easily diagnose MIS-C and that the treatment of the disease is not difficult.


Pointing out that children will be more involved in social environments with the half-term holidays in schools, Çiftçi said that basic precautions should be taken into consideration.

Reminding that vaccines prevent Covid-19 from being severely transmitted and have an effect on the prevention of the spread of the disease, Çiftçi said, “Parents with children should definitely get their vaccinations and make sure that people who may have contact with the child are also vaccinated. must be completed.” warned.

The farmer said that it is important to pay attention to mask, distance and hygiene rules in activities that children will come together during the holiday, and to stay away from crowded areas where masks are not worn.

Reminding that Kovid-19 vaccines are administered to children under the age of 12 in some developed countries in the world due to the inability to control the epidemic, Çiftçi shared his opinion that such an application should be made in Turkey as well.


Noting that influenza (flu), which increases with seasonal effects, also shows similar symptoms to Kovid-19, Çiftçi said, “It is not very possible to distinguish between influenza and Covid-19 and some other respiratory tract infections. They mostly have similar symptoms. “There are symptoms such as fever, headache, sore throat, cough. When these symptoms occur, I definitely recommend testing.”

The farmer emphasized that influenza is also diagnosed with a test and its treatment can be easily done with medication.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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