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He swallowed a cell phone to avoid being caught in a prison call

India TV

The incident in India occurred on January 5 at Tihar Prison in the capital, New Delhi. The suspect, who was on trial for murder, ate the phone in order not to be caught in the call. However, when he could not stand the stomachache, he went to the prison authorities and explained the situation.

The prisoner, who was taken to the hospital, was kept under observation for about a week. With the endoscopy performed on January 15, the 7-centimeter-long and 3-centimeter-wide device was removed.


According to Independent Turkish, doctors reported that they removed the phone from their mouth with an instrument inserted into the endoscope. The man who was later discharged was sent back to prison.

A similar incident took place in Kosovo a few months ago. The person, who lived with a mobile phone in his stomach for 4 days in the capital Pristina, was taken into surgery on 30 August. The 33-year-old patient, whose identity has not been disclosed, had Nokia’s famous 3310 phone.

The head of the surgical team, Dr. Skender Teljaku said that they removed the phone in three parts by using special endoscopy devices without opening the patient’s abdomen.

How and why the patient swallowed the phone remained a mystery.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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