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What name did Celia choose for the little girl? The artist is 8 months pregnant: “I will give birth by cesarean section”

Celia is eight months pregnant and is looking forward to hugging her baby girl. The artist revealed what name she chose for the baby she is carrying in her womb.

There is a month and three days left until Celia meets her little girl. The artist is excited and is looking forward to the moment when she will hold the little girl to her chest. Celia announced the name of her daughter. Clara Maria is the name of the artist’s little girl.

“I will have a baby girl in a month and three days. I will give birth by cesarean section and call her Clara Maria. I think I’ll do better with her in my arms than with her in my belly. I have insomnia and bone pain. I wake up at night every hour. I was afraid not to give birth to Covid “, said the star, on PRO TV.

Celia agreed with the doctor that she would give birth by cesarean section. Lately, the star has bone pain and insomnia. On New Year’s Eve, she became infected with COVID-19, the Omicron variant, but overcame the disease.

Celia retired from music

For many years, Celia released hit after hit. For a long time, she decided to take a break from singing, and a few months ago she announced that she was retiring from music.

“It simply came to our notice then. To be able to maintain yourself as an artist, you have to give one hundred percent, to give your energy in that project. And I can say that I retired. This is why I have disappeared, somewhat, or been seen less and less. I left my mark beautifully, I say, I passed this wonderful stage, I lived my childhood dream. It is true that I would have liked to become an international artist, I felt that my journey is much longer than that. But you never know, after a year, maybe two, of pregnancy. I have a few pieces ready. “But you wonder when I come back,” Celia said recently.

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