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Safiye Soyman and Faik Öztürk couple accused of ‘qualified fraud’

Allegedly, the couple Safiye Soyman and Faik Öztürk founded SF Music Production Food Tourism İnş. Trade Ltd. He defrauded many people through his company. The investigation initiated by the Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office was completed upon the complaint of a citizen who owns a production facility in Eskişehir, who agreed to supply products worth approximately 100 thousand TL for the company.

The indictment prepared for the defendants was accepted by the 1st High Criminal Court.


In the indictment, the defendants Safiye Soyman, Faik Öztürk and Berrin Canbolat were sentenced to imprisonment from 3 years to 10 years and a judicial fine of 5,000 days for ‘qualified fraud’. In addition, the public prosecutor demanded that the sentence to be given to the three defendants be increased from one-fourth to three-quarters, on the grounds that the ‘chain’ elements of the crime were formed.

The following statements were included in the indictment prepared by the Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office:

“When all the scope of the file is evaluated together, although the suspects claimed that they established the company on behalf of the real owner of the facility, Mehmet Faik Öztürk and Safiye Soyman, and the other suspect Berrin Canbolat, it is understood from the statements of the workplace employee and all the witnesses that they defrauded many people in this way, and the suspects were tried for the crimes committed and complied with their actions. It is requested and claimed on behalf of the public that they are punished in accordance with the referral clauses.”

The lawyers of the complainant and the parties attended the first hearing of the case at the Eskişehir 1st High Criminal Court. The court board listened to the statements of the complainant and the lawyer.


In his statement at the court, the complainant said that Faik Öztürk ordered products worth approximately 100 thousand TL from his company, that he trusted him because he was a well-known person, but that only part of the money was paid, “Our company is a bakery products wholesaler. Faik Öztürk came to our company and said that he wanted to buy products from us for his business in Bozüyük. We agreed with him. We gave him products used in bakery products for close to 100 thousand TL. We did not receive any promissory notes or valuable papers in return. We made an invoice. We thought it was a promissory note, since we had issued an invoice. We trusted them because they were well-known people. “They made a small partial payment, but no other payments,” he said.


In his statement, the complainant, describing the product supply agreement between him and Faik Öztürk and what happened, said:Faik Öztürk came to make an agreement with us on the purchase of products. In the following days, they came with Safiye Soyman, but I could not meet with her. I heard about Berrin Canbolat after I complained. We did not have any meeting with Berrin Canpolat. I wasn’t even aware of its existence. Faik Öztürk introduced himself as the owner of this business. He did his interviews in that capacity. Faik Öztürk made the purchases. The name of the company was Safiye-Faik music company. The company’s accountant made the partial payment to our account by wire transfer. This payment was a small amount. According to our agreement, they would make the payment two months after opening the business, but they did not fulfill their commitments. Faik Öztürk kept us busy for a while, said that he was shooting commercials. We did not have an agreement with Faik Öztürk on an amount from the beginning. When the amount of the materials he bought was 25 thousand TL, he would pay us. Then he continued to buy materials gradually and his debt to us reached 100 thousand TL. We had a meeting with him before we put it into execution. He told us that he had financial difficulties and that he would pay us. He said that since he is an artist, it would be a problem for him to be put to the performance. I heard that the rental agreement was terminated because he did not pay the rent of his workplace. We had several meetings after that. I could not reach him in subsequent calls. I am a complainant” said.

The court adjourned the hearing to 31 May in order to take the defenses of Safiye Soyman and Faik Öztürk and to correct the deficiencies in the file.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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