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Ilinca Vandici’s first statements after it was rumored that she was offered by Antena 1: “I am under contract with Kanal D”

For 16 years, Ilinca Vandici has had a career on the small screen. Over the years she has presented various television shows, but for a long time she has a contract with Kanal D. Now, according to Fanatik, the star made her first statements after it was rumored that she was offered by Antena 1 for a new show.

Soon, Antena 1 will debut as “Dancing on Ice – Dream in Two”, a competition-type show in which the stars will compete on the ice, in dance rhythm, with professional skaters. Nine celebrities will accept the “Dancing on Ice – Dream in Two” challenge and skate live, every week, with their professional partners, trying to impress both the jury and the viewers. The dance floor of the show will host couples determined to show that they are able to work until exhaustion to offer memorable dances for dreams that deserve to be fulfilled.

The television station did not broadcast who will present this show, so rumors started to appear. According to Fanatik, Ilinca Vandici was offered to moderate this new program. For the same source, she revealed that she has a contract with Kanal D, that she knows nothing about this subject.

“I am under contract with Kanal D, we are filming for Bravo, you have style !, the grand final is coming on February 5th. If people make plans for what they receive from me, they are free to do what they want, but I don’t know anything about it. Not interested. I feel very good at Kanal D, here I am evolving and developing extraordinarily, ”said Ilinca Vandici.

What does Ilinca Vandici say about her contract with Kanal D

In an interview for Libertatea, the star talked about her collaboration with Kanal D. “I found my place, I found my second family for sure. “Well done, you have style!” is a format that fits my glove. I felt this from the first season and I was glad that my viewers and my colleagues felt the same way. I, as a professional, have to, and I hope I do, to fit into any project. And I think this has happened so far, I have a 16-year career in television, and I think I’ve managed to adapt to every project I’ve been given.

This is also the case with “Bravo, you have style! Celebrities ”and that happens in the other activities I have. Yes, this project is a great love for me, as a second child, and I really like this show. Everything that is happening harmonizes beautifully and our energy has been in people’s homes for seven seasons, “she said.

At the same time, Ilinca Vandici also talked about her 16-year career in television. “Every time I was asked, I said it was very difficult to do what I was doing. I’m probably envious that a lot of people would like to be “in my slippers”, but it’s not at all easy to make television. It has not been easy to get to where I am today, I have been working in the spotlight for 16 years, and only now can I say that I am in my best shape both professionally and personally.

It’s hard to get where you want to be, but it’s even harder to stay. When you do this profession with a smile, good energy, humor, strong and well-made content, everything requires a lot of effort, dedication. I think my goal on this earth is to make people happier, to help them smile “, said the presenter of the show” Bravo, you have style “.

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Source From: Libertatea

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