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Plants need drainage – what’s the best way to do it?

We often find the care of indoor plants as complex as quantum physics. As it turns out, you only need to understand what is happening in the pot and why plants need drainage to be successful.

What Happens When Watering Plants?

When we water the plants, some of the water leaks out of the pot through the holes, and some is sucked up by the substrate. At the point where these two phenomena meet, a moist layer of earth forms at the bottom of the pot. It cannot evaporate, and our plants do not like being stuck in moisture and begin to wilt in the eyes. What should we do then?

– Drainage should be done – advises Łukasz Skop.

How to make a drain and what to use?

For drainage we should use appropriate materials that, due to their structure, will facilitate water evaporation.

– We can use expanded clay, perlite or sand for drainage – the specialist suggests.

Łukasz also has advice on what to do to make the material used work even better.

– We pour a thin layer of it to the bottom of the pot, but if we want our potted plants, for example cacti or succulents, to really benefit from drainage, let’s add it to the entire volume of the substrate and mix it well – he says. You can learn about other ways to use drainage and how to care for insectivorous plants that can help us fight mosquitoes in the summer, in the video.

Source From: Dziendobry

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