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What he asked for was given

If you allocate the time for excuses to work, you will definitely succeed! And knowing how to demand and defend what is rightfully yours; on the other hand, it is a virtue not to have eyes. A year has passed since the Turkish composer Muammer Sun’s emigration to eternity.

While he was a student at the Military Harmonica School, he decided to become a composer, applied legally. He was “disapproved” because “the legislation did not comply” and he was discharged from the military by deserting. At the age of 21, he had to pay a hefty compensation. (Only his teacher, Adnan Saygun, made an attempt and went to the Ministry of National Defense and suggested that the compensation be converted into compulsory service in the National Education, which was not accepted.) He started composing the piece “Homeland Colors”.

His staff at the Ankara State Conservatory was canceled after his military service, and he became unemployed as a father of four. While he was in the military, he wrote the works “Tree Song”, then “I Love You” and “Czech Wine”. He shared the idea of ​​“Regional Conservatories” and then the cultural steps to be taken with the philosophy of “Being Contemporary by Staying Turkish” with his friends.

On June 23, 1971, Muammer Sun was taken from his room at TRT by the martial law authorities and arrested and taken to the Yıldırım Central Command in Dışkapı. He composed the “Izmir Festival” for the “Mediterranean Games” of the army national teams to be held in Izmir in October with an international quality. He was again detained and acquitted in 1972. He was oppressed and tortured during his detention. He asked his wife for music paper and a pen, and wrote the book “Solfege”, which all of Turkey will benefit from, for his 10-year-old son İlteriş (who will be a valuable educator and composer) whom he left to complete at the conservatory. He composed the ballet “The Price of Love”, whose first name was “Respectable Sevi”.

The publishing house published his works without paying royalties, and after his 70s he established a publishing house like planting an olive tree. A famous(!) pop singer released his song, which was released 40 years ago, as his “new song”. He did not live to see the court’s decision.

After the first year of his migration to infinity, “What he asked for was given and what did he give?” When you think about it, the following comes to mind: He suffered poverty, he was imprisoned, he was tortured; produced the work. He was swindled, he beat the right; He was penniless and composed a gift song for his children. In any case, he didn’t know the word “excuse”. He lives not on what he has left, but on what he produces and puts effort into. Muammer Sun, “Composer of the Homeland”… Muammer Sun, Turkish Composer… He will live… With respect and gratitude to his soul… [email protected]

(The “Muammer Sun Symposium with Dimensions of Composer, Intellectual and Music Educator” to be held in his name will be held on March 22-24, 2022, hosted by Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.)

Source: Sinemis Adige Sun “The Man With The Sun In His Belly: Muammer Sun”; Ankara: Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation Publications, 2011

Source: Cumhuriyet

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