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Johnny Depp: The Hollywood star was already in a relationship with THESE women

Johnny Depp’s Women – a topic that has reliably filled the gossip columns of the tabloids for many years. There were relationships in which Depp and his partner had simply drifted apart. Sometimes though – here’s the dirty one War of the Roses with Amber Heard called – they also beat each other hand-tight.

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Which women was Johnny Depp in a relationship with?

In that case, a court had to clarify who got hold of whom and to what extent. So there’s always something going on at the pretty one Johnny. But who was he with anyway? Before you get lost here, click through our picture gallery, because: We have them all!

Photo gallery: Johnny Depp and the women

The women in Johnny Depp’s life

from Lori Anne Allison, who Depp met and fell in love at the age of 20, via Sherilynn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Juliette Lewis, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradies, up to Amber Heard and its potentially latest conquest, the German Sophie Herman – Johnny Depp’s wives are… wait, isn’t that one missing?

Yes indeed. One is missing from this list well-known name. If you want to find out whose name we have omitted here, it is best to carefully click through the Gallery, because, as stated above: We have them all!

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Is Johnny Depp a sex symbol?

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