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Adele is canceling concerts. She issued a statement. “She is terrified”

On January 21, Adele’s series of concerts in Las Vegas was to begin. The singer cancels the performances and explains why she made such a decision. He hides no tears.

Adele cancels concerts in Las Vegas

“Weekends with Adele” – a series of concerts at the exclusive Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas was supposed to start on January 21 and last until April 16. The British star planned to perform in front of the public every Saturday and Sunday during these three months. This is a real treat for all fans of the star who wanted to hear songs from her latest album live.

– You have this star at your fingertips. This is not a tour, this is not a concert tour. You know that you are going to Las Vegas and you can be sure that from January to April, if not this weekend, then next weekend, Adele will be there – explains Mateusz Hładki in Dzień Dobry TVN studio.

Thanks to this series of concerts, Adele got the chance to go down in history as the star who will receive the highest salary for his performances at Caesars Palace, thus beating, for example, Céline Dion, Britney Spears and Elton John. Ticket prices for the show range from $ 85 to $ 685, depending on the chosen venue. For one recital, Adele was to collect (converted into PLN) over 2.7 millionhowever, it is not known whether the cultural event will take place at all.

– Adele in tears. She’s really scared. […] Unfortunately she has to reorganize the schedule as she said half her team is sick with COVID-19 and has not been able to get the last button done – says Hładki.

Adele made a statement

A video appeared on the singer’s Instagram in which Adele informs that the pandemic thwarted her concert plans. The star does not hide tears.

We tried absolutely everything we could to make sure everything turned out well, but we were completely wiped out by delays in deliveries and COVID-19. We hadn’t slept in over 30 hours trying to sort it out, but we had run out of time. I am so nervous and really disappointed … Sorry to everyone who came to get on the show. I’m really, really sorry – she says tearfully.

It is ironic that it was due to the epidemiological situation in the world that Adele did not decide to go on a traditional tour with the newly released album “30”. Weekly performances in the same place, i.e. at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, were to keep her team safe and prevent infection. We do not know the new schedule of the star’s stage performances yet. You can hear more news from show business in our video.

Dzień Dobry TVN / Instagram

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