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The court returned Papanov’s daughter to the Yermolovsky Theater after Menshikov’s dismissal

The daughter of the great actor Papanov – Elena Anatolyevna – was reinstated by a court decision in the Ermolovsky Theater, “cleansed” this summer by Oleg Menshikov from “objectionable” actors. The epic with the artists thrown out into the street is still far from over, but the theater management has already backtracked, admitting a mistake in at least one unfair “personnel decision”.

The actress Elena Papanova is now sick – she has a confirmed coronavirus, but she found the strength to talk with the MK correspondent.

– Elena, how do you feel? How severe is the disease?

– I’m at home, I’m sick quite hard – a strong cough.

– And what exactly is the strain of COVID-19?

– I do not know. I took the test, it’s positive. But they don’t talk about strain.

– Get well soon. How do you rate your reinstatement?

– I’m glad – what else can I say. I’m not jumping for joy, but I’m satisfied.

– Do you hope for a successful outcome with the rest of the dismissed actors of Yermolovsky?

– Of course, I really want them to be restored too. We are all one team and I wish them only the best.

– Now, at the moment of personal celebration, what feelings do you have for offenders?

– I’m absolutely fine with them. Moreover, I understand them perfectly. What happened is not very beautiful: it was possible to do something differently – to meet people, talk to them. For example, I have been working in the theater for over 40 years. It was possible to celebrate somehow, to give some awards to people, to declare gratitude, or something. Say something like: “Guys, we need you, we will call you” … Maybe it all happened because of Oleg Evgenievich’s health problems? I understand him – he wanted to update the theater, the repertoire.

– So you are not offended by Menshikov?

– I do not take offense at anyone and do not hold a grudge. Everything happened the way it should. But what malicious comments people write – it’s just awful. Yes, many believe that we are wrong. That we are that old and it is time to retire (although not only young artists are needed in the theater). But you can express it differently. And I see dirty names. I thought: “How evil people are with us.” I want to say to those who are involved in this: “There is no need to condemn anyone. Do not judge, and you will not be judged.”

In turn, the actress Elena Burkhanova-Kalinina, who also fell under dismissal, commented on the conflict situation:

– Theatre. Yermolova admitted that Elena Papanova was fired on the day she was on vacation. This is a violation, and therefore she was reinstated at work. Moreover, the decision came into force immediately – with the payment of benefits for forced absenteeism and compensation for moral damage.

– What will happen next?

– Today, in the cases of eight actors, a decision should be made to postpone the trial until February 3. Judge Ivanov considered it in the Tverskoy court, and it was the third in a row, and there will be the fourth. And we have five people and five cases – they were considered by another judge – Uteshev: the meeting is scheduled for February 10 and 11, and it will only be the first. The Bortnik case was also comprehensively and thoroughly considered – the judge listened carefully to both sides. The theater asked for a transfer – it wants to provide some more documents. Let’s see what happens on February 3rd.

– How do you evaluate the first victory?

– This is a victory, but it is also a “world” one. The theater itself stated that it admits its mistake and asks Papanova to satisfy all claims in full. Which is what the judge did.

Recall that at the end of August, the artistic director of the Moscow Yermolova Drama Theater Oleg Menshikov “arranged a feast” in an elite restaurant instead of holding a working meeting with a part of the team deprived of their livelihood. In response, the dismissed artists gathered in a cafe located in the basement to voice their demands to the theater management. The contrast between “brilliance” and “poverty” was so striking that all people in their right mind were amazed at the inadequate decision of the popular artist and began to hope that justice would one day prevail. Looks like they’ve been waiting.

Source From: MK

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