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New accusation from Britney Spears to her father

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, earned $6,314,307.99 during his legal guardianship, according to documents submitted by Britney Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosengart. The documents also accuse the pop star’s father of using some of his earnings to host his own television show.

“He used the money for his own purposes to try to reinvent his culinary career by founding a television show with James Spears called ‘Cookin’ Cruzin’ & Chaos’,” the statement said.

The pop singer’s legal team said it had petitioned “dozens of different law firms” to seek fees, in addition to Jamie Spears receiving more than $6 million as a guardian over 13 years for her daughter.

Rosengart also said, “Mr. Spears is looking to get more money from his daughter,” in response to the court’s request from the court that he continue to pay his daughter’s legal fees, even though her legal guardianship expired in November last year.


According to Sputnik, the documents describing Jamie Spears’ petition as “morally obnoxious” said that he should pay his own legal fees and that “if he has already distributed that money, he should consider hiring another less expensive lawyer he can afford.”

Jamie Spears left NBC News’ request for comment unanswered.

Jamie Spears had previously insisted that Britney Spears’ guardian ‘help Ms. Spears get through a major life crisis, heal and advance her career, and put her finances and affairs in order’.

Britney’s legal team had worked with Sherine Ebadi, a former FBI agent who previously worked in forensic investigations and intelligence practices for Kroll Associates Inc, to assist with an investigation into Spears’ financial management. Ebadi’s testimony also supports Spears’ objection to his father’s petition to pay his attorney’s fees.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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