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Kusturica will come to visit Bashmet

On the eve of his birthday, the maestro spoke about dreams, experiments and plans

Yuri Bashmet is preparing to celebrate his birthday with a big concert, which will be held on January 24 as part of the just-started Winter Arts Festival in Moscow. Despite the difficulties of the plague time, he is sure that the main thing is to move, experiment and create, in a word, nothing can stop life. Therefore, Yuri Bashmet intends to arrange songs and dances during the festive concert, and he is also preparing a big program for the winter festival in Sochi, which will take place at the end of February. The highlight of the event will be the concert of Emir Kusturica, who will not only play for the Russian public, but will also present his new book in the southern capital.

On the eve of big events, the maestro gathered a narrow circle in the Novikov mansion, where, by the way, several concerts will also take place as part of the Moscow Arts Festival. The pseudo-Gothic building, by the way, keeps a musical secret: they say that the ghost of the former owner’s daughter walks here and plays the piano from time to time. However, Bashmet made friends with the mysterious lady, so now she helps the musicians, which can probably be seen at the viola marathon or the chamber music concert of the composer Alexander Tchaikovsky. But the performance in honor of Bashmet’s birthday will take place elsewhere – in the Pyotr Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Moreover, this time the choice of the program is very intriguing – the evening will open with Mussorgsky’s Songs and Dances of Death.

– I once did not play a concert on my birthday, and it was a terrible day, – says Yuri Bashmet. “I can’t imagine myself outside the stage that day. Every time we come up with something new. Now one of the soloists has suggested the tragic “Songs and Dances of Death” by Mussorgsky, and we decided to build the entire program on songs and dances in the broadest sense of the word. After all, classical music was born from genre pieces.

So, following the dances of death, they will play a great adagio from the ballet Spartacus, Ravel’s Gypsy, and in the finale, listeners will be waiting for Beethoven’s Fantasia for Piano, Choir and Symphony Orchestra. The maestro promises that he will not do without surprises, but he is silent about the details. On the other hand, he talks about the most anticipated premiere of the capital’s festival – a fantastic story about the collapse of one ideal system based on Dostoevsky’s short story “Krotkaya”, where Sergey Garmash will play the main role. Actually, the actor offered to create a musical performance based on this work of the writer, whose 200th anniversary was recently widely celebrated.

“It’s an amazingly clean, neat story. We are currently rehearsing with might and main. The music for the performance was written by Kuzma Bodrov, he still has to finish a part, but we are already working on it. The hardest part here is syncing the lyrics with the music. Garmash suggested the idea to stage “Krotkaya” — the project had been maturing for four years,” says Bashmet.

However, for the maestro, this format of combining music and text is already a beaten track, Yuri Abramovich admits that to some extent it is always improvisation. So, the play “Don’t Leave Your Planet” based on “The Little Prince” by Exupery with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role will once again open the upcoming festival in Sochi. “The performance has never been repeated one to one. We always improvise, and every time before the start there is a feeling of expectation – how it will turn out now, ”says the maestro.

The main surprise of the Sochi festival will be the arrival of the “Balkan Fellini” Emir Kusturica, who not only brilliantly shoots films, but also plays the guitar and writes books. Now just preparing to release a new one, Yuri Bashmet hopes to arrange a presentation in Sochi. What exactly The No Smoking Orchestra will play on February 23 is a mystery, because the band rarely announces the program in advance – Serbian musicians “live” with improvisation. But we must think, and something from our own will also be – Emir Kusturica with The No Smoking Orchestra once already performed in Sochi, however, 10 years have passed since then. Then, among other things, the musicians surprised the audience with an unusual variation of “Moscow Nights”.

There was a separate conversation about experiments at the meeting. Yuri Bashmet welcomes syncretic genres and all sorts of new trends. A couple of years ago, for example, I played an opera written by a neural network, all in the same Sochi. However, the maestro treats innovation with his usual humor and self-irony. For example, he told a funny story.

– All great musicians experiment, how else? Scriabin tried to combine music and color, Stravinsky and Shostakovich combined classical music with jazz. Creativity in general sometimes does not depend on you. Once, for example, I dreamed of music. Usually dreams fade quickly, but here I could not get the melody out of my head from a dream all day. Nine months passed, and she was still playing somewhere in the subcortex. Then he played it to a friend, and he says: congratulations, you composed Mozart’s Requiem, only a couple of notes are different, but that’s it.


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