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The Bohosiewicz sisters actively spend the holidays skiing. “I want that more often!”

Holidays have their own laws. During this time, we forget about all diets and calories cease to matter. However, between the cheesecake and the next portion of dumplings, it is worth moving around a bit. Yes, for health. So the Bohosiewicz sisters decided to spend their leisure time actively. On the second day of Christmas, the actresses went skiing.

Christmas time is the moment when we slow down, take a break from everyday duties and focus on our loved ones. However, no one said that we had to spend the entire three days at the table. Maja and Sonia Bohosiewicz decided to go skiing. The actresses who spent their holidays in their native regions went on a trip to Szczyrk. Both on Instagram shared the report from the slope. Sonia posted a selfie with her sister and added that she wanted to spend time in this way more often.

Maja revealed that she went skiing for the first time since 2015. Over the years, there was always something in her way. Today it is hard for her to believe that there are beautiful grounds so close to her family home.

For the first time skiing since 2015 !!!! Pregnancy, child, pregnancy, child, pandemic, pandemic and somehow it went down … and our Silesian Beskid is so beautiful. I can not get over the fact that 40 minutes from my family home you can jump on such beautiful skis

There were a lot of comments under the actresses’ posts. Fans and friends were jealous of the spontaneous ski trip and were delighted to admire the relationship of the sisters. Some internet users also touched on the topic of the slopes. As they admitted, Szczyrk is one of the best resorts in Poland, where everyone will find something for themselves. Both ski and snowboard fans.

– “Szczyrk is the best for skiing in Poland”, “Ale Wam fajosko”, “Beautiful girls! Time with your sister is priceless”, “SisterPower” – fans wrote.

Source From: Dziendobry

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