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Porn For Women: The 10 Best Adult Movies For Her

The best adult films for women

Erotic, sexy, seductive: good erotic films are not stingy with pleasure. And why should they, after all, that’s what they’re there for. It is of course no different with porn or erotic films for women.

In order to be able to get an idea of ​​it for yourself, we present the here to you best adult films.

1. Cabaret Desire

The award-winning Spanish porn was created by the Swedish director Erika Lust staged. The action takes place in the “poetic brothel”, where visitors and employees tell each other stimulating sex stories. 2012 awarded as Film of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards.

2. Q – Sexual Desire

Three erotic stories about women who are looking for sexual liberation and passionate adventures are. But be careful: the faint of heart could find the stories too dark and depressing.

3. Five Hot Stories for Her

Another erotic patrol from the Swedish filmmaker Erika Lust. Five short films show sex the way women love it: creative, intense and erotic. Film of the year at the Feminist Porn Awards 2008.

4. All about Anna

“All about Anna” the Swedish director Jessica Nilsson is an attempt to create a realistic porn film that is not based on the usual and desired (male) fantasies of classic porn. The costume designer Anna longs for a varied and non-binding sex life that she lives out intensely.

5. Swingers – An immoral weekend

Two couples want to get their sex life going again and decide to swap partners. But next to hot erotic and wild sex, which characterize the meetings of the couples, some participants have doubts about this sex constellation. The Dutchman’s erotic film Stephen Brenninkmeijers is specially tailored to women and offers a certain psychological depth.

6. Lie with Me

Leila meets David, they both plunge into an erotic affair. But then Leila falls in love and David ends the adventure. The young woman then goes into the wild nightlife again, but cannot get rid of David. The Canadian erotic film is realistic and extremely sensual at the same time – and is not stingy explicit recordings.

7. Devilish Angels – Secret Games 2

Francois is a filmmaker and wants to make a strip about female pleasure. His actresses, however, are unexpectedly open and revealing, which leads to intense physical experiences even during the test shoots. “Devilish Angels” of the French Jean-Claude Brisseau offers not only a lot of explicit, but also a lot of subtle eroticism.

8. Bruna Surfergirl – stories from a sex blogger

Based on the autobiography “The sweet poison of the scorpion” of the most famous sex blogger in Brazil, tells about the film about the rise of the protagonist from the problematic beginnings in the red light district to the erotic peak of love for sale. A multiple award-winning and especially in Brazil hotly debated cinema sequel.

9. Madame Eva and her playmates

Dorothy is a successful and stressed-out businesswoman. She is looking for an assistant who should not only sort her files, but also satisfy her physical needs. But when more interested people apply than expected, Dorothy has to specialize several sensual job interviews guide to identify the most suitable assistant.

10. The future is called a woman

In the disco, the childless couple Anna and Gordon meet the pregnant Malvina. You take the young woman home with you. Malvina settles in and begins to increasingly influence the lives of her hosts. Anna in particular is attracted to her, but Gordon is too not insensitive to their charms. Living together as an unorthodox family is not always easy.

Source : Maennersache

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