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Baklava on a 24-carat gold tray 2.5 million lira

Two 24-carat gold trays, one weighing approximately 3 thousand and the other 500 grams, were prepared in the jewelry workshop in Kahramanmaraş, which has an important position in Turkey in the gold management and jewelry design sector.

The prepared trays were brought to a patisserie operating in Akif Inan District of Onikisubat district and dessert was made. Bulbulyuvası and baklava, prepared by the skillful hands of the masters, were offered for sale for 3 million liras after they were cooked.


Expressing that they bring gold and sweetness together, the company official Cafer Nalçacı said, “We make quality pastries and desserts. We make a limited number of sweets every day, and we make new ones the next day. We have baklava and nightingale dessert on a golden platter. Our Bülbülyuvası dessert, including its tare, is around 500 thousand liras. There are 600 grams of gold in total. On the normal tray, we have baklava and its price is around 2 million 500 thousand liras. Kahramanmaraş is a city of jewelers and a city where gold is processed and produced. These trays were made in the jeweler city. We received such a request. We wanted to show both jewelery and sweetness as much as our neighboring provinces. There is no such thing as good dessert, too much syrup” said.

It has been learned that desserts will be produced on gold trays in line with the demands in the patisserie.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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