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Wedding and baptism of a child in one day. Is a joint event a good idea?

A wedding and baptism are extremely important family events. A wedding is also a huge organizational undertaking in the lives of two young people. Some couples decide to combine these two celebrations. Can it be successful? What advantages and disadvantages does a 2-in-1 party have?

Organization of weddings and baptisms on one day – it is possible

From an ecclesiastical point of view, there are no restrictions on taking the marriage vow and baptizing the child on the same day. Although not everyone is delighted with the “new fashion”, more and more people are opting for this option. The future spouses decide what the double ceremony will look like in consultation with the parish priest. There is only one rule that cannot be derogated from: The marriage oath must be taken before the child is baptized. All other issues, such as: witnesses, the presence of the child at the parents’ wedding, the moment of receiving Holy Communion, can all be agreed in advance with the priest who conducts the ceremony.

Getting married and baptized on the same day is a big saving

The main reasons why young people choose such a solution are economy and organizational considerations. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows perfectly well what logistics and costs to take into account. Baptism also generates costs: renting a room, paying for catering, service, photographer, organizing attractions for children, as well as the purchase of appropriate decorations. Two separate dates of both celebrations are also double invitations, organization of accommodation, and often a big problem for a family living far away. These elements will help you save a bit:

  • invitations,
  • accommodation for guests from far away,
  • binding and decorations,
  • room, catering and service costs,
  • photographer’s costs,
  • expenses related to clothes, make-up artist, hairdresser, etc.

The fees for the sacraments that the bride and groom who want to baptize their child on this day will remain unchanged.

Disadvantages of a 2-in-1 party

There are, however, situations that can cause confusion and embarrassment. It happens that priests, although they have no basis for such activities, are reluctant to join parties. If your parish priest declines to do so, you have the right to ask for assistance guests may react by not understanding the decisions of the young. Especially the older generation may not understand why a wedding and baptism should take place on one day. This is why very important is the form of the invitation which clearly shows the point of view of the organizers.

On wedding forums combined events are a hot topicespecially nowadays. Positive opinions prevail in the discussions. However, there are many critical voices.

“Leoś was born in December, 6 months before our wedding day. We had a choice to baptize our son earlier and to organize the ceremony during the preparations for the wedding, or to do it in a so-called one-shot fashion. We chose the latter, but not We are completely satisfied. Not because of the decision to merge these events, but because of organizational errors that we could not avoid. Nobody warned us about what we should pay attention to, what to remember. he will react to the babysitter, who until then took care of him only for a few hours, only in my presence – remembers Kasia. For a change. This was definitely not how we imagined this day “- we read the memories of one of the couples who organized the 2-in-1 party.

The presence of a child, especially a small one, during a wedding reception may be a matter of debate for guests, difficult for young parents and, above all, stressful for the child. In such a case, it seems a good idea to hire a nanny or ask for help from a person known to the child, who will take care of the child in strategic moments, when parents will not be able to pay attention to him. In order to avoid problems, it is worth checking in advance how the child reacts to the presence of the babysitter. This will allow the young couple to get the most out of their big day.

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