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Nacho, jury of ‘La Voz Kids’ was besieged by several women in concert

Nachoborn in Venezuela, continues to tour several Latin American countries with his songs.

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The singer, who for the first time is a jury of The Voice Kids, He is more connected with his followers every day, and on social networks he shares various moments of his work and family life.

Nacho recently shared a video that more than one follower envied.

Videos | Nacho, jury of ‘La Voz Kids’, was besieged by several women in concert

During his most recent concert in Trinidad and Tobago, Nacho lived a moment that could be uncomfortable for many, but that he only remembers fondly.

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“Love in Trinidad” was the description of the singer in his video, where he is seen singing on stage, surrounded by seven women. The funny thing is that they were not dancers, but fans of the interpreter, who found a way to cross the security barriers to run up to the stage and hug the singer.

Several of them did not want to let go of the artist, and the security personnel had to make an effort so that Nacho could continue with his Show. The moment was recorded on video, as the fans could not help but record that close moment with their favorite artist.

Andrés Cepeda and Kany García, moved by Nacho’s story in ‘La Voz Kids’

The three juries of The Voice Kids were surprised by the talent of Omar Marcano, an 11-year-old boy born in Venezuela, who performed the song Sweet sin, by Jessie Uribe.

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Nacho praised the little boy’s talent, in addition to feeling identified with the situation of many countrymen who, like him, had to leave their country of birth for other parts of the world. “We come from a place that has faced difficult situations, and that has made parents like yours look for a better future for their children in other borders. It is good because we adopt the culture of another country like Colombia, and Colombia adopts us”. The attendees experienced a moving moment when the singer mentioned that there are more people who have good intentions in a foreign country.

“Just as many good people leave, many bad people also leave, and that is why people like you and I have the responsibility to show that we are more than that and that we have a lot of goodness in our hearts. Those few people who go out to damage our reputation as Venezuelan citizens can’t do more than us, because we are love and talent “, finished. Andrés Cepeda and Kany García ran to hug him and express their support.

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