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The second Paola Jara? The girl compared to the singer in “La Voz Kids”

Luciana García Gaviria is 8 years old, she is from Medellín and has had the opportunity to sing on stage with Jhonny Rivera and Paola Jara.

Photo: Courtesy: YouTube

Before going on stage, the participant was introduced by her own mother as the “second Paola Jara”. However, the contestant appeared interpreting “Como la flor” by Selena Quintanilla.

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At the end of the presentation, the under 8-year-old introduced herself as Luciana García Gaviria, but stated that her stage name was ‘Lucy, the diva of melody’.

Andrés Cepeda and Nacho were trying to convince Luciana to join one of their teams, while Kany García was unable to turn the chair because of the new ‘lock’ button that Cepeda used on her.

It was for this reason that the Puerto Rican kept nothing to herself and suggested that the little girl choose Nacho, since she considered that Cepeda brought out her “evil” side by blocking her.

“Nacho is a great guy who did not block me, the one who blocked me was Cepeda who has malice and evil,” he said. However, Luciana ignored her recommendations and joined Cepeda’s team.

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Lucy, as she introduces herself, said that she had sung on stage with Paola Jara, Jhonny Rivera and Jhon Álex Castaño, whose concerts she attended with their respective posters made with her mother that helped her get the artists to notice her, invite her to the stage and they even signed his guitar.

Source: Elespectador

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