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The reason why Ramona Olaru is missing from the first edition of “Splash! Stars on the water”. Another presenter takes her place

Filming for the first edition of the show “Splash! Water stars” coincided with Ramona Olaru’s birthday. For this reason, the presenter absented herself from the Olympic pool in Bacău, and her role was taken over by Diana Munteanu, who was happy to team up with Monica Bîrlădeanu and Răzvan Fodor.

Although she was not present when the first frames of the most refreshing show of the summer were recorded, Ramona Olaru was thinking of her colleagues, to whom she sent an emotional message while she was on a beach by the sea Black. “Thank you for helping me spend my birthday here with my friends. And, above all, I thank Diana, who is a reliable friend and you can count on her at any time”, Ramona Olaru testified in a video.

“Friends, when needed, know each other. And we always do this”, added Diana Munteanu, happy that it was helpful. The whole moment can be watched on Thursday, August 11, from 20:00, on Antena 1, during the premiere of the show.

About “Splash! Stars on the water”, season 5

The fifth season of “Splash! Water stars” brings new changes. Every week, there will be qualifying editions, after which the first two contestants with the highest scores will go directly to the final broadcast on Sunday, from 20:00, on Antena 1, where they will fight for the weekly prize at stake: 10,000 of lions.

Iulia Albu, Clara Gherase, Nea Mărin and Cosmin Natanticu will watch the jumps and note, in addition to technique and courage, the evolution of the participants from the first day of training until the moment of the jumps performed during the competition. They will be joined by the presenters of the show, Monica Bîrlădeanu, Ramona Olaru and Răzvan Fodor, who will give them the last dose of courage before the jumps from the 3, 5, 7 or even 10 meter platforms of the Olympic pool from Bacau.

In the new season, the comic couple formed by Paula Chirilă and Romică Ţociu will also be present – the two will make sure that both those present on the filming sets and the viewers will get the necessary dose of smiles/serotonin. As in previous seasons, Claudia Tiu, Cătălin Cozma and Bogdan Ioniță are the three coaches from “Splash! Water stars” that will help competitors perfect their jumps, but also overcome their fears.

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