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Luciana, the girl who has sung with Paola Jara and Jhonny Rivera

There are several children who during these first weeks of blind auditions of The voice Kids, they have dazzled the coaches with their incredible voices. Andrés Cepeda, Kany García and Nacho are still looking to form their teams. Every day, they get more demanding when it comes to pressing the button to turn their chairs.

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Luciana, the girl who has sung with Paola Jara and Jhonny Rivera

Luciana García, an eight-year-old girl whose stage name is ‘Lucy, the voice of melody’, arrived at the most recent chapter. Interpreting the theme As the flower of Selena Quintanilla, the little girl ‘stole’ the Show in the diamond The voice Kids. The three coaches pressed the red button to turn their chairs, but Kany García could not, because she was blocked by Andrés Cepeda.

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With her presentation, Lucy showed that she had complete command of the stage. Indeed, it was not the first time that she sang in front of an audience. According to the girl’s story, she has had the opportunity to share the stage with great popular music artists such as Paola Jara, Jhonny Rivera and Arelys Henao. With Jessi Uribe’s wife she sang don’t ask me and with Andy Rivera’s father, She is my mother.

After his presentation at the diamond of The voice Kids, Luciana invited the three trainers to do a small aerobics class to keep fit. Both Cepeda, Kay and Nacho were completely fascinated with the girl, who made them laugh a couple of times.

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After all, Lucy, the diva of the melody’ chose the interpreter of I’m going to love you as their coach. “I think you are very important in my team. I realized what you can do singing and what you can do dancing and I want to make the most of that capacity you have for expression and dance; In addition, that little spark that you have of personality completely falls in love”, Cepeda told him about his presentation.

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