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“I’m allergic to latex”, “you don’t trust me”, which are the most common excuses against using contraception

More and more young people do not want to protect themselves during sex and thus are at risk of not only unwanted pregnancies but also sexually transmitted infections. One of the main arguments is: “I’ll take it out on time”. It is, however, unreliable. What other excuses can be heard from the lips of lovers? How to react when only one party thinks about safer intercourse? I talked about this with Katarzyna Banasiak-Marszałek, the coordinator of the Ponton Group and Dr. Agata Loewe-Kurilla, the founder of the Institute of Positive Sexuality.

Excuses before contraception

– I do not know what to do. I am 17 years old, in May this year I met a nice boy. From now on, we spend each day together and get along without words. During the summer vacation, he started pushing for sex. He wants it too, but there’s a little problem. He doesn’t want to protect himself. When I said I wouldn’t have sex with him without a condom, he started screaming that I didn’t trust him. And I only care about mental comfort and safe sex. I’m young, I don’t want to risk pregnancy. What to do? – Karolina wrote on the forum.

Her story was no exception. Under the girl’s post, there were many more comments from internet users who are struggling with similar problems. “I’m allergic to latex”, “I’ll take it out in time”, “I don’t count with an eraser,” “either without or not at all” – these are the most common excuses just before intercourse. How to react in such situations? What to do?

The safety and comfort of all concerned are key. If someone cares about this protection, I cannot imagine a situation where such a person would succumb. Then there is no such relationship. The priority to enjoy being closer is to feel safe

The expert also added to discuss not only its conditions, but also the issues of the future and possible mishaps before the relationship. – No form of contraception can be 100 percent sure, it is worth talking to your partner about how the person views relationships, plans and beliefs if the protection fails.

Contraception is extremely important to protect against unwanted pregnancies. STIs are democratic and know no borders. They are common – added Dr. Agata Loewe-Kurilla.

Education, conversation, awareness

Being aware of the risks and talking to your significant other is crucial before starting your sex life. As it turns out, many people are aware of the consequences of not having protection, yet still insist on giving up condoms. The responsibility for securing, on the other hand, is passed on to women.

– There are two parties writing and calling us, both people who want to use a condom and the other party who is not sympathetic. There are also people who call and say that they do not want to use a condom because it is inconvenient for them, because they lose their erection and ultimately care more about being “good out” during intercourse and penetration.. If you have not practiced putting on a condom, it can be stressful for newbies and these erection problems may occur – said Katarzyna Banasiak-Marszałek, coordinator of Ponton Group.

So the expert added that practice putting on a condom before having sex. Moreover, the explanations under the title “eraser is too small” and “inconvenient” are a myth. – There are many videos on the Internet where experts show how to put a condom on the forearm or knee. Condoms come in various sizes and can be selected according to the size of the person. Moreover, latex allergies can occur, but many products made of a variety of materials are available in stores.

Doctor Agata Loewe-Kurilla emphasized that in Poland, first of all, sexual education is needed. Both girls and boys from an early age should learn what fertilization is, how it happens, and set boundaries and be assertive when we don’t feel like something.

Here there is a lot of work for my daughters to teach them how to set boundaries and convey knowledge about the body, how fertilization looks like, how it works. Boys, on the other hand, should be taught that refusal is not something that should strike at fundamental self-esteem. Unfortunately, we hear more and more often that after refusals, there is a rejection of the partner or sexual abuse. It happens that partners take off a condom during intercourse, and this is a kind of rape – added Dr. Agata Loewe-Kurilla.

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