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Did Lowe León lose a lawsuit against Andrea Valdiri requesting DNA evidence?

The controversy between Andrea Valdiri, wife of Felipe Saruma, and Lowe León, does not stop. The ex-partner has been starring in controversies for more than a year over the paternity of adhara, the daughter they had, but that the singer has not been able to meet.

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Andrea Valdiri’s ex had filed a parentage process to carry out a DNA test on Adhara that would allow him to legally recognize her.

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A few days ago, the artist announced that the Barranquilla dancer had agreed to perform a DNA test on Adhara to determine whether or not he is the girl’s father. “I have never wanted to be away from the girl… Thank you for this wonderful news, Adhara will continue in her space and with her family, you know that I am not a bad man”, Lowe said at the time, via his social media.

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Did Lowe León lose a lawsuit against Andrea Valdiri requesting DNA evidence?

Now that Lowe León felt optimistic and excited because the truth was known, it was known through the entertainment portal gossip, that, Apparently, the artist lost the lawsuit he had filed to recognize his daughter Adhara Valdiri and exercise his rights as a father, because he already had another open process related to the girl.

According to the aforementioned news portal, “Sources close to everything related to this legal process suggested that this background apparently could lead to the Barranquilla completely losing parental authority.”

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In the alleged ruling published by gossip it reads: “(…) It should be noted that there is currently a judicial proceeding in the Seventh Family Court of Barranquilla, aimed at resolving said matter, for which this judge considers that this action becomes her profile. In merit of the above exposed, this judge will deny the protection requested by Mr. Luis Eduardo León Amaris”.

For now, there has been no official statement or confirmation of the news by Andrea Valdiri and Lowe León, nor by their legal teams.

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