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This was the best advice Darío Gómez gave Arelys Henao

Last Tuesday, July 26, the singer-songwriter Darío Gómez, known as the King of Spite. The news took the entire music industry by surprise, since the 71-year-old artist did not suffer from any illness, according to his relatives.

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Darío Gómez died on July 26, in Medellín, at 7:31 p.m.

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Several of his colleagues were at his funeral saying goodbye. One of the singers most affected by the news was Arelys Henao, who on her social networks expressed her deep sadness at the departure of her mentor and her great friend. “Thanks, teacher @elreydeldespecho I say goodbye thanking you for everything you did for our genre and for my career. God have you in his holy glory. Thank you forever my old man, my friend and my mentor. Thank you for all the advice that changed my life.” Arelys wrote in one of her posts.

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This was the best advice Darío Gómez gave Arelys Henao

In dialogue with the magazine Week, Arelys Henao spoke about her friendship with Darío Gómez, whom she admired since she was very young. When they became friends, he recounted, the King of Spite gave him some of the best advice anyone could give him in his entire life. “The best thing he did for me was tell me to pay my pension. ‘Mija, promise me you’re going to pay a pension,’ he told me. Music is an uncertain career, don’t be overconfident”, assured the artist.

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Arelys admired Darío Gómez not only for his artistic talent, but also for the wisdom and prudence he had when referring to other people. “It always struck me that he was one of those who did not make a bad comment about anyone. Prudence was his greatest virtue, I never heard him speak ill of a colleague”, narrated the queen of popular music.

Darío Gómez had expressed for when he died, he wanted to be fired singing his popular song Nobody is eternal. Artists such as Jhon Álex Castaño, Jhonny Rivera, Luisito Muñoz, el Charrito Negro, Arelys Henao, among others, paid him a heartfelt tribute and sang that song in chorus with great nostalgia.

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