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Carol G | The reason the singer cried on her blue-haired farewell trip

Without a doubt Karol G has grown a lot internationally and thanks to her talent and her tours, she has managed to increase her fans and of course the reproductions of many of her songs.

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Karol G has managed to fulfill several of her dreams thanks to music. Not only for bringing together iconic artists on stage but because his own style has set a pattern among all his followers, who have wanted to follow the same look of his in each presentation.

Karol G and her trip through Europe and Africa

Blue hair for Karol G was one of the most important things in her career and that made her most recognized in the industry. But it was she herself who confirmed that she wanted to say goodbye to this color to turn her life around and leave the past behind.

Therefore, she decided to take a long trip and visit parts of Europe that she thought she would never know. Her journey began in Santorini, where she was with her friends tasting food, dancing and being herself with everyone.

Later, the artist showed that she was going on a safari in Africa, where she also had great expectations of meeting and enjoying the fauna and customs of Kenya, a place where she was with her friends “saying goodbye to an era”, as she herself said.

Why did Karol G end up crying on her trip?

Once there, he could not hold back his tears and was vulnerable with only his friends but with all his thousands of followers. “And me crying like a strange thing but I never thought I would be living everything that I am living today. Thanks god”, were the words of the paisa.

Likewise, in another of her stories, Karol G was amazed to witness and understand what not only the safari meant, but the landscape of Kenya.

“I can’t believe it, dreams really do come true and fulfilling them always brings tears to my eyes. What happiness”Carol said.

Enjoying this safari together with her friends, the hosts and her new dreams, the paisa did not hesitate to thank and close this stage of her blue hair and the past that for better or worse has already left her life.

It should be noted that in his Instagram post, Carol G He also maintained that he was saying goodbye to an era that he will not forget and that he was leaving behind “So much pain, so much immaturity, people I adored but just didn’t do me any good.”

Many wonder if with this message, he meant that he closes his cycle with his ex-partner Anuel AA and will dedicate himself to his happiness and of course to his career that is going from strength to strength.

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