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Jessi Uribe: this was her audition on ‘La Voz Colombia’

One of the reality most watched by Colombians for several years has been The voice Colombia, in its version of large and small. Some of the participants, although they did not win the contest, have succeeded in the music industry. This is the case of popular music singer Jessi Uribe, who participated in The Voice Colombia 2013.

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This is how Jessi Uribe looked during her visit to The voice Colombia

In one of the latest editions of The voice Kids, the coaches Andrés Cepeda and Nacho turned their chairs when they heard the voice of Ángel Santiago, who interpreted the song You were right, by Yeison Jimenez.

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The two singers used their strategies to convince the boy to stay with one of them. Both agreed that they could introduce the interpreter of Adventurous. Nevertheless, Cepeda also promised him that if he chose him, he would introduce him to Jessi Uribe, who was also part of The voice and was one of his pupils.

Internet users immediately revived the blind audition of Paola Jara’s husband, when he appeared in the second season of The voice Colombia in 2013. At that time, the coaches were Fanny Lu, Ricardo Montaner, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Andrés Cepeda.

in the diamond The voice, Jessi Uribe performed I do not know forget by Kike Santander. Andrés Cepeda and Fanny Lu turned their chairs, but it was the interpreter of spell who became his coach. Your participation in the reality show lasted until the second round of the shows live, because he needed votes from the public to continue in the competition.

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“You have a very powerful voice, at times you approached our friend Fernández, we are going to work on that, I know that in you there is a character and a personality of yours and with them we can do many things”, Cepeda told Jessi Uribe when he finished his presentation.

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At that time, Jessi Uribe was 26 years old and was part of a norteño group in Bucaramanga. “I found out I had talent because of my dad. He is a mariachi singer and I worked in taverns. When he was 15 years old he separated from my mother and that’s when he had to start working, dressing up as a mariachi and singing on the buses”, said the artist from Santander, who became one of the most listened to popular music singers not only in Colombia, but in several countries around the world.

Source: Elespectador

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