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Agnieszka Hyży about the turmoil in her life. “I wanted to pack up and leave”

Agnieszka Hyży said in one of the last interviews that this year is special for her because of her son Leon. Grzegorz Hyży’s wife also admitted that it was very difficult for her to reconcile motherhood with her professional life. It bothered her so much that in moments of weakness she had to use specialist help.

Agnieszka Hyży about the family revolution

Much has changed in Agnieszka Hyży’s life recently, because in November 2021, she and her husband welcomed their son Leon into the world. The couple creates a patchwork family, raising the 8-year-old daughter of a journalist from a previous relationship – Marta. In addition, Grzegorz Hyży has two sons with his ex-wife: Wiktor and Alexandra.

– It was a year of big changes, but also ours family revolution. A positive revolution, which brought us all very close together, united us very much. Because patchwork families aren’t easy at all. This is related to many circumstances that complicate everyday life. And this common little man made many people lower their guard and really the priorities are clear and clear to us every day. Paradoxically, our family life slowed down a bit, because our son Leon brought so much love and good energy to it – said Agnieszka Hyży.

She also added that if the next years with Leon will be so cheerful and smiling, then only looks to the future with optimism.

Agnieszka Hyży – motherhood and work in the media

The journalist admitted in an interview that it was very difficult for her to combine motherhood with her professional life. The problems associated with it so her so much so that she had to resort to specialist help several times.

– It happened to me a few times in my life, both professionally and privately, that I wanted to pack up and leave, turn your life 180 degrees in general. Especially when there was a media turmoil around my life. I had several such falls, during one I had to use pharmacotherapy and switch off completely from media and professional activity for several months. Just I stopped dealing with it allwhat surrounded me, because I just couldn’t do it in a human way – said Woman in an interview with WP.

As she admitted, sometimes bad emotions prevailed over reason. – I am a person who wants to give my children as much as I can. I myself grew up in a model in which my mother limited herself professionally in order to be fully for me. And I don’t really want to limit myself professionally and I pay for it by not having any time for myself she concluded.

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