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“He saved my life”, strong revelation of Maia Landaburu, widow of Fernando Gaitán-Vea magazine

The actress Maia Landaburu, who plays Constanza, the wife of Pedro de Heredia in The Queen of the Indies and the Conqueror, revealed exclusively to the magazine seewhy that role came at a crucial moment in his life just weeks after losing his partner, the writer Fernando Gaitan.

Maia Landaburu is Constanza in The Queen of the Indies and the Conqueror

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It was February 2019 and Maia Landaburu He was going through one of the most complex stages of his life: the unexpected death of his life partner Fernando Gaitan, the well-known script writer for hit television such as I am Betty the ugly and coffee with the aroma of a woman, currently on the air. She was in the waiting room of an energetic doctor, a consultation that a friend of the writer had given her, thinking that perhaps one of the therapies would help her go through the duel in a less harsh way, when she received the call that would allow her what she was searching the office. “It was the director of the Queen of the Indies and the conquistador who told me that they were thinking of a castling of characters. I had done a test for another character, a small one, and that was when he told me that he would play a Spanish woman, I didn’t know that she was the antagonist. She asked me if she would measure me and I told her: “I’ll measure anything”. My emotional state was difficult, and financially it was complicated. Thus, she became Constanza, the wife of Pedro de Heredia, who for the story complicates the idyll of conquering, but for the actress it was a saving role, although nothing simple.

Maia remembers feeling like her loss was overwhelming her, even though she was trying her best. “There was a time when I did not feel capable, the truth is that I have all that as if in the clouds because Fernando was very recent, it had not been a month since he left.”

Fernando Gaitán, A constant presence

When rehearsals began, the actress dealt with the permanent presence of her little Valentine’s father. “Any recording studio reminds me of Fernando even though it was Caracol and not RCN… at that moment it was so bad that she couldn’t think of anything else. His presence was everywhere. When you have those losses, sadness invades you.

But little by little he had to focus on his character and he succeeded. “That is why I say that Constanza saved me. She forced me to be in the here and now. Work as an actor forces you to do that, you have no choice when you record from Monday to Saturday, it forced me to think about that and not about the fact that Fernando had left, he gave me the strength to be there ”.

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Maia remembers how easily scenes of sadness and crying came to her. “I was getting my feelings out, I was doing catharsis of what was happening to me, it was therapeutic… Constanza helped me a lot to speed up the processes, but the mourning lasted much longer.”

More than three and a half years have passed since the award-winning writer Fernando Gaitán passed away and today Maia can say that she is calm, which does not take away from the fact that there are days when she deeply misses him, “I can say that my relationship with the death of Fernando It’s different, I’m more at peace now.”

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Maia Landaburu felt Fernando Gaitán

“The first day of recording the Queen of the Indies and the conqueror was in Santa Marta and I arrived at a beach going towards Riohacha, I sat in front of the sea and I felt it next to me not only internally, but physically. Suddenly a heart-shaped leaf fell right next to my hand and I felt it as if it was communicating directly. I laughed and cried at the same time and Kike Sanmartín appeared, who plays Meneses in the novel, and he sat next to me and said, ‘Are you okay?’ and I told him “I’m with my husband” and he looked everywhere. He didn’t understand anything.”

Currently Maia is also on the air in the series From the wok to the mill on Saturdays through Señal Colombia and she has recently arrived from Spain where she spent more than a year with her son Valentin. She will be in the country recording a new project and her plan is to return to Europe.

Source: Elespectador

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