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She married her ex-stepfather. “My family has completely disowned me”

Sarah, 28, married David, 69, who was her stepfather years ago. The family did not accept her decision. “They didn’t agree with that at all,” the woman admitted. The couple had two children.

Wales. She fell in love with her stepfather

Foreign media write about Sarah and David’s unusual relationship. The woman met her future husband at the age of 14, when he married her mother. She was happy for them and immediately became friends with her stepfather. – We enjoyed each other’s company. We could talk and laugh, Sarah recalled.

Since then, David and Sarah have spent a lot of time together, and their friendship quickly turned into a hot feeling. David decided to separate from Sarah’s mother and start a relationship with a woman 41 years his junior. – There is a physical age difference, but not a mental one. I’m young… – declared David.

The family did not accept their relationship

Sarah and David only came out as a couple after their divorce. Those closest to them were shocked and broke off contact with them. – My family has completely disowned me. They didn’t agree at all confessed the 28-year-old.

After 4 years, the lovers got married in the registry office. Although their relatives did not come to the ceremony, they remember this day fondly. – It was the wedding I dreamed of when I was younger. I had the perfect person to marry Sarah admitted.

She married her ex-stepfather Source: Gap Love

The couple now run a bouncy castle business and renewed their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary. The couple had two children. The family still has no contact with them.

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