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“I have a talent!”. We already know all the finalists of the 14th edition

The fourth semi-final of the 14th edition of “Got Talent!” is behind us. This time Gospel Joy, Szwadron, Kamil Bukowski, Filip Kosicki, Anastiasiia Tsikhanovska, Lussy Sky, Paula Biskup, Sky Squad, Paweł Haczków and Kacper Pałatyński presented their skills on stage. Who managed to delight the viewers and jurors, and thus get a pass to the grand finale?

“Got Talent! 14” – who appeared in the 4th episode of the semi-final?

Got Talent! once again provided TVN viewers with unique emotions. On Saturday, November 19. they stood to fight for the last places in the final of the 14th edition:

  • the Gospel Joy choir from Poznań;
  • dance group Szwadron from Toruń;
  • drummer Kamil Bukowski;
  • dancer and great lover of disco dance Filip Kosicki;
  • dancer Anastiasia Tsikhanovska;
  • nine-time breaking world champion Lussy Sky;
  • vocalist Paula Biskup;
  • the acrobatic group Sky Squad;
  • Paweł Haczków dancing on the vertical bar;
  • multiple Polish and European yoyo champion, Kacper Palatyński.

Participants’ performances the judges were delighted and encouraged the viewers to vote. Although each of the artists deserved recognition, there were only two vacancies in the final. Admittedly, the choice was not easy.

“Got Talent! 14” – who joined the group of finalists?

The first winner of the semi-final episode was selected by the judges. By the decision of Agnieszka Chylińska, Małgorzata Foremniak and Jan Kliment, she qualified for the next stage of the program Paula Bishop. However, this is not the end of great emotions. Viewers also had a chance to pick a winner. Thanks to their votes, they were among the finalists of the 14th edition of “Got Talent!” joined Pawel Haczków. The episode also announced who won the wild card. she received it Vanessa Kujawiak.

The final episode of “Mam Talent! 14” will be broadcast on TVN already November 26 at 20:00. Waldek Kukurowski, Jadwiga Krowiak and Sara Kreis, Miłosz Bachonko, Laura Florentyna Dziąba, Teatr Sztuka Ciała, Martyna Stawowy, Daria Umańska, Paweł Haczków, Vanessa Kujawiak and Paula Biskup will perform there.

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