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Jerzy Połomski through the eyes of friends: “He was a bit of a loner”

Jerzy Połomski – one of the most popular stage artists – died at the age of 89. – He was like such an impeccable gentleman of Polish song – admitted music journalist Maria Szabłowska. How do friends remember the singer?

Jerzy Połomski – biography

Jerzy Połomski graduated from a construction technical school and wanted to become an architect. Eventually, however, he got to the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw [dzisiejszej Akademii Teatralnej im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza w Warszawie – przyp. red.]. There he was advised to devote himself to music.

The artist quickly gained a large group of listeners, and Poles still hum his songs such as: “Bo with girls” or “The whole hall sings with us”.

The valued vocalist passed away on November 14 this year. at the age of 89.

Jerzy Połomski in the memories of friends

Jerzy Połomski had a great talent. – He was like such an immaculate gentleman of Polish song. He he took the scene very seriously. He would probably never do what happens in our industry, someone arrives at the last minute, here he changes his jacket, flies on stage and goodbye to the next concert. Not. He he had to enter the atmosphere of the concert – noted Maria Szabłowska, a music journalist.

Polish song giant. Giant. Jurek is associated with elegance. With a handkerchief here in the pocket. Even when it was parodied somewhere or imitated in various programs, this handkerchief always had to be here – added singer Alicja Majewska.

Interestingly, the entertainer did not like the crowd. He had a very beautifully decorated house. When he closed the door, he shut himself off […]felt best with his books, CDs. He was a bit of a loner – admitted Irena Santor.

As she emphasized, he was a bit chimerical. – At the time when he was so popular, he would say to his organizer: “Okay, we’ll go to the concert tomorrow, but in a Mercedes.” Mercedes is a big deal these days. Impossible, but the organizer won, he came. Jurek says: “But it was supposed to be white.” Until this white Mercedes showed up, he didn’t get in and go to the concert – added the singer with a smile.

How do Krzysztof Skiba and Włodzimierz Korcz remember their collaboration with Jerzy Połomski? See the video.

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