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Surely you did not know that these celebrities rented other people’s bellies to be parents-Vea magazine

In the modern world and in some countries it is possible to live having planned children in other people’s wombs. That is the experience that some celebrities have preferred when it comes to having children through the increasingly popular rented or surrogate mother.

Miguel Bosé has four children that he achieved through a surrogate mother

Photo: Miguel Bose

Surrogate pregnancy, rented womb or surrogate pregnancy are some of the names by which the practice of having children is known without the need to go through a personal pregnancy, but rather a woman is used, with whom an agreement or contract is signed, so that she can carry the baby in her womb for the entire gestation Once the baby is born, the intended parents, who generally bear all the expenses of the pregnancy, keep the baby and the surrogate mother waives all rights over it.

The practice, which has been controversial, is increasingly used by celebrities to become parents. Celebrities go to this arrangement, either because they want to be single parents, because they have trouble getting pregnant or because due to their schedules they can’t find the time to carry a personal pregnancy.

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James Rodriguez It is the most remembered local case, since although it is true he has not delved into the subject, it is known that his second son Samuel came into the world by this procedure. But what other celebrities have become parents in this way?

In January of this year, the couple formed by the singer Nick Jonas and the actress Priyanka Chopra announced that they became parents for the first time of a little girl they named Malti. “We are delighted to confirm that we have had a baby through surrogacy. We respectfully request privacy during this very special time in which we will be focusing on our family.. Thank you very much,” they said.

The actress Nicole Kidman and the musician Keith Urban They had their first child through a traditional pregnancy, but with their second child they resorted to surrogacy. It was a girl, her name is Faith Margaret and was born on December 28, 2010. The couple never delved into the subject. “The issue of my fertility has been like a roller coaster,” is the only thing Nicole said about it.

Belly for rent, an alternative for gay couples

Elton John and her husband, Dadiv Furnish, have had two children through the same rented womb. The first was born in 2010 and was baptized Zachary, and the second in 2013, named Elijah.

The same way, Miguel Bose He became the father of four children in the United States through surrogacy, since this practice is prohibited in Spain. The children are called Diego, Tadeo, Ivo and Telmo. The first two are biological children of Bosé and the following biological children of Nacho Palau, the singer’s former partner. The brothers separated when Miguel broke up with Palau. It is known that today the artist only answers for Diego and Tadeo.

the actor of how i met your mother, Neil Patrick Harris She had twins, with her husband David Burtka, thanks to a surrogate 12 years ago.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin It is perhaps one of the most famous cases of surrogacy. He has four children. The oldest are the twins Valentino and Mateo, who were born on August 5, 2008, then, after marrying Jwan Yosef, Lucía arrived on December 24, 2018 and the fourth was Renn, born in October 2019.

Celebrities who have rented a womb for health and lack of time

kim kardashian Y Kanye West they opted for this alternative when she had two losses. Her children North and Saint came into the world by surrogate mother. Likewise, the model Tyra Banks declared she had problems getting pregnant and she found a way to be a mother in this medium in 2016.

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For her part, actress Lucy Liu became a mother for the first time in 2015 thanks to this process because, according to her, “due to her schedule, she did not know when she could stop to get pregnant.”

Source: Elespectador

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