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The secret of Larisa Iordache’s figure. How the former gymnast stays in shape. “I try not to exaggerate”

Larisa Iordache, 26 years old, revealed how she manages to stay in shape. The multiple medalist at the World Championships and the Olympic Games looks flawless.

“Nutrition-wise, my body doesn’t demand as much food anymore. Now I have learned my body and know what to eat and when to eat.

I try not to exaggerate, tbefore, I clearly had to have three meals a day, take my vitamins properly, I had to respect my meals, although sometimes I didn’t have the necessary time, because being in Bucharest, I had to get home and cook myself , then to go to training”, said the former gymnast, quoted by

“When I was doing gymnastics, I did a little bit of abstraction on chocolate, sweets, I only ate in very, very small amounts, so that it didn’t give me discomfort. Now I eat normally, but there is not much difference between the diet then and now,” added the former gymnast.

The “America Express” contestant claimed she needed a period just for herself. “I said that this year I should take it for myself. I mean to be healthy, to relax… to have a year in my life without stress.

Because I realized this year, since I retired from the activity, that for 24 out of 24 I was stressed and I couldn’t see anything else.

Everything I was doing in the gym somehow took over my whole day. So now I see how good it is to be relaxed”, said Larisa Iordache.

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