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“Letters to M. 5” through the eyes of Agnieszka Dygant and Aleksandra Kisio. “This scenario is just cool”

A visit to the cinema may turn out to be a proven recipe for improving your mood – the latest part of the film series “Letters to M.” is the best proof of that. The fifth installment of the star-studded Christmas story premiered in the first week of November and was immediately acclaimed by viewers. On Dzien Dobry TVN, actresses Agnieszka Dygant and Aleksandra Kisio told about the numerous charms of working on the set of the cult production.

“Letters to M.” – what is the phenomenon of the film series?

A series of Christmas films “Letters to M.” for over ten years, it has been providing unique emotions to viewers of all ages. Both adults and children treat her as a kind of introduction to celebrating the most magical time of the year. Aleksandra Kisio has no doubts about it.

– I know people who do this is the beginning of the holiday season. Even recently, a friend of mine said, “Listen, I was on ‘Letters to M.’ because I’m starting to decorate the house and I went to tune in.” It really works, the actress said, pointing out one of the biggest advantages of the production.

– This scenario is just cool. There are many romantic comedies being made, but not all of them are like this one. This is special – assured the star.

“Letters to M. 5” – why is it worth going to the cinema?

The latest part of the cult series “Letters to M.” hit theaters on November 4, 2022. She has watched it since then over 800,000 viewers. Many of them eagerly awaited the sequel Szczepan and Karina thread. Piotr Adamczyk and Agnieszka Dygant play the roles of extremely impulsive and at the same time madly in love spouses.

– I have a lot of sentiment for this production, but also for this role of mine. We’ve been together with this Karinka for 10 years, so I’m obsessed with this character – assured the actress.

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