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What Adela Popescu looked like in adolescence. Her mother published the image with the star. “I think he misses me”

Adela Popescu, 36 years old, published on her social media account an image taken in her teens. The star confessed that her mother was the first to show everyone a photo of her, taken several years ago, a sign that she misses that time.

“Mom posted this picture. I think she misses me, the one from back then. Even if he knows that the one he has now is what he didn’t dream of then. And that makes her happy. But I still think she misses him. As it is for me too”, wrote Adela Popescu on social networks.

Adela Popescu told in a podcast that she went through difficult moments in her childhood. The actress said she was suffering from tonsillitis.

“All my childhood I had inflamed tonsils and once, having tonsils so much, I couldn’t even speak anymore, I went to Aunt Mita and she had the fingers of a working woman in the country.

He put some oil on his finger with some coarse salt and put his finger on my throat and squeezed them on my throat and I haven’t had them since. It wasn’t with oil, it was with gas. I basically had to wait until he squeezed them for me”, said Adela Popescu on YouTube, according to Spynews.

Adela Popescu is married to Radu Vâlcan and together they have three boys. Recently, the star returned from shooting for “I’m famous, get me out of here”, aired on PRO TV.

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