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Will there be a 7th edition of “Hotel Paradise”? We know the answer

The final of the 6th edition of “Hotel Paradise” is behind us. The winners were Monika Schmidt and Mikołaj Grzybowski. Although the emotions after the broadcast of the last episode have not yet subsided, the faithful viewers of the program are already wondering whether TVN7 will broadcast another series of the love show hosted by Klaudia El Dursi. We know the answer to this question.

Paradise Hotel. Will there be a 7th edition of the program?

The sixth edition of “Hotel Paradise” provided the viewers with many impressions. It’s no wonder that viewers can’t wait for the next installment of the popular show. We have good news for fans of the show hosted by Klaudia El Dursi. Soon we can expect the first information about to the 7th series reality show.

– We have one surprise for you, because we had the winners of “Hotel Paradise” on the sofas today and we already know that there will be another edition of “Hotel Paradise”(…) so you must watch it – Krzysztof Skórzyński announced on the air of Dzien Dobry TVN.

“Hotel Paradise 7”. Who will lead?

It’s no surprise that he will lead the 7th edition of “Hotel Paradise”. Claudia El Dursi, which has been associated with the program from the very beginning of its existence. He also confirmed his presence Mr. Lector.

– Thanks for being there. And I’m not saying goodbye. I say, “See you later!” – he said at the end of the final of the 6th edition of the show.

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