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Zurich Ballet’s performance was staged at Zorlu PSM for two days

When I watched Tolstoy’s free-spirited wife, Anna Karenina, who was enslaved by love, and her dramatic ending, I was very impressed and couldn’t hold back my tears. How this novel, which not only is emotionally charged but, like all of Tolstoy’s works, shows the different strata of society by separating it, and which allows man to tolerate man’s licentiousness, but contains analyzes well beyond her age, which pushes the woman to choose her love, with just pas de deux and jumps? Although ballet is the expression of emotions through body language, could multi-layered dialogues only be expressed with figures of feet?

It turns out that a fluttering tulle skirt can also have an intense language! Scenes that I remember of the choreography based on neoclassical dance of the dancers of the Zurich Ballet, all soloists, drawn with important choreographers under the artistic direction of the multi-award winning Christian Spuck, chiffon skirts flying with the precision of butterfly wings, a lover who tore his jacket to hug his lover, the abandoned and the vengeful, the despair of the husband, the frivolous lover left alone in the black toilets of the woman he left behind, and dozens of scenes!

Yes, with the music, the dance, the facial expressions, I reread the book, it can happen!


The technique was perfect, the music caressed the soul; the costumes (Emma Ryott) were enchanting; Of course, the dances were unmistakable with great synchrony and expressive power! Siena Licht Miller, wasn’t it nice for the mezzo-soprano to come and sing an aria from time to time and have a piano accompany it? The place of villagers harvesting in the field in this story was not well understood, but its visuality was indisputable.

And how immortal is Tolstoy’s work? Even today, the woman who left her boring marriage and ran to her love lives the life of frivolous love while being stigmatized! If you say the show has no flaws, and if I said I didn’t like the minimalist set, the need to take it on tour? Especially if those officers in tuxedos kept shooting the fake white screen, that was the only twist of the show for me! Let it be the evil eye bead!

Source: Cumhuriyet

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