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“Roots”, Mega’s documentary series with Thanasis Efthymiadis premieres on October 8

MEGA’s new documentary series urges us to stop running for a while, look inside and discover our “Roots”. A different way of life opens before us.

The documentary series “Roots” with Thanasis Efthimiadis premieres on Saturday, October 8, at 1:40 p.m. on MEGAand suggests us to acquire a new everyday life through nature worship and spirituality.

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A journey next to nature and the environment

Thanasis Efthymiadis invites us to follow him on a journey together with people who, like him, have chosen to live differently.

The documentary series “Roots” takes us to locations where the rare beauty of Greek nature is highlighted. It introduces us to wellness practices and spiritual paths that change the way we perceive ourselves and our environment. It offers us a way out of the stereotypical rules and stressful rhythms of life, which we need so much.

The show features people who have chosen to live in the countryside

Organic growers, artists, chefs, trainers of alternative healing methods and people who have decided to live in the countryside, talk to Thanasis Efthymiadis about their experiences.


Directed by: Michalis Aristomenopoulos, Nina Maria Paschalidou

Production: White Room

Source: tanea

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