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Costel Bojog, the first statements after taking Mihai Bendeac’s place at “iUmor”: “I gladly received the proposal to work with Delia and Cheloo”

Costel Bojog joins the “iUmor” jury, as a permanent juror, starting from the sixth edition of the show, broadcast on Sunday, from 20:00, on Antena 1.

Thus, the comedian will continue the search for the funniest contestant of season 13 alongside Delia, Cheloo and the surprise jury of each iUmor edition. “I gladly received the proposal to work with Delia and Cheloo and I am delighted to have the chance to meet interesting and valuable people at the jury table.

Of course, I didn’t get rid of the stinging roasts either, but iHumor is also about that, because… iHumor and you can’t escape! So far I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot! It’s a great experience!”, Costel confessed.

The auditions of season 13 continue on Sunday, from 20:00, on Antena 1, when the series of surprise jurors who will be surprised by the most unexpected comedy numbers from all over the world continues with Maia Morgenstern. The actress will not escape the well-known treatment of the show either – a tasty portion of roast, coming from the people she least expects.

Who are the people coming to grill the iUmor surprise jury, viewers will discover on Sunday, from 20:00, on Antena 1.

Why did Mihai Bendeac leave “iUmor”

Mihai Bendeac was a member of the show “iUmor”, broadcast on Antena 1, for several years. He teamed up with Delia and Cheloo for several seasons, but the other day, wrote that the actor broke the contract for the show, that he no longer appeared in this project. After these speculations, he made brief statements.

During one of the breaks, Mihai Bendeac allegedly watched a video in which Mugur Mihăescu put those who believe in the anti-COVID vaccine and, implicitly, in the pandemic, to the wall. The “iHumor” juror made fun of him for his attitude. He would have been filmed while laughing at Mugur Mihăescu, in fact, his good friend, and then Antena 1 would broadcast the images on the station. Mihai Bendeac would not have agreed and this is where the scandal would have started, writes the source specified above.

“At the moment I cannot comment”, said Mihai Bendeac for Fanatik. “There are three more editions, not broadcasted yet”, said the actor about his future as appearances on the small screens as a juror of the Antena 1 show.

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Source From: Libertatea

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