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Anna Mucha at Kuba Wojewódzki decided to make a love confession. “Because I’m happy with you”

Anna Mucha was one of the guests of the newest episode of the “Kuba Wojewódzki” program. The actress told the former partner, incl. about upcoming professional projects. Moreover, she was tempted to make a love confession.

Anna Mucha’s love confession to Kuba Wojewódzki

The next episode of the 32nd season of the “Kuba Wojewódzki” program is behind us. This time the studio was visited by, among others Anna Mucha, who is also his former partner. Kuba touched on topics related mainly to acting with the artist, but he also attempted to talk about her private life.

Kuba Wojewódzki wanted to find out, among other things, why the actress got involved with her current partner Jakub Wąs. The guest of the program asked for a close-up of the camera and, looking straight at it, said: “because I’m happy with you”. The actress did not remain indebted and asked the host if he was happy. The host replied yes without hesitation.

Anna Mucha on the unequal treatment of women

Anna Mucha also expressed her views on the unfair treatment of women in Poland.. She stressed her firm position on the issue of unequal fees based on gender. By the way, the star referred to the statements of her colleague, Julia Wieniawa.

This is fucking wrong. And something should be done about it. I don’t want any wars here. And please do not use me to polarize me with Julia Wieniawa – she pointed out – But if Julka Wieniawa says that salaries and fees are okay for her, because she earns well, it means that she has to go a long way – she emphasized.

– Julka, you may not realize that a name does not protect you from earning less in this country from your colleagues who at the same time earn much more for the same work – summed up the actress.

Didn’t you watch “Kuba Wojewódzki” on air? All episodes can be found on the platform.

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