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Karol G: That’s what ‘Tusa’ was going to be called, the song that led her to worldwide success

The song managed to take Karol G’s recognition to the top, as the song also featured the participation of renowned rapper Nicki Minaj, who also helped her reach many markets in the United States.

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During an interview, the producer of the paisa, Ovy on the drums, revealed what this hit was going to be called initially. In this story they are related J Balvin Y bad bunny.

What was going to be called ‘Tusa’?

During the interview, Ovy assured that they had to change the name because of J Balvin and Bad Bunny, since they released a previous song.

“Tusa at first the song was called, but Balvin came out with Bad Bunny with ‘The song’ and the Gi says “no, this is going to be called ‘Tusa’”, he said.

Likewise, he explained that when they released Tusa, the other song by Balvin and Bad Bunny had not come out “and go see it’s the same concept in the final. Not the same but as it has a similar theme at the end, as it has a similar little trip ”.

In the interview, Ovy also pointed out that when the track was ready, Karol G did not pay much attention to it: “When I created that song when I made the track, the rhythm felt different, I said “this is another turn” when we made the song, the intro and the chorus had been done with Keityn And nothing, when I have the main idea, I show it to Karol, whenever I do a song that I see is hard, I send it to G”, he said.

Later she assured that at first she liked it, however she did not pay much attention to the track and left it saved “Eight months went by and the song was there and out of nowhere she told me “Ovi that song that talked about Tusa where is it” and I told her “there I have it, let’s record it” and we went to record it and at one point I felt that it was an anthem”, assured Ovy.

The producer of the paisa assured that when he heard the song in her voice he knew it was going to be a hit. In fact, another detail that he narrated was that after recording it, Karol G decided to send the song to Nicki Minaj, who liked the rhythm so much that the next day she sent her voices to complement the union. “In my experience that doesn’t happen, one always has to be behind the other artist but with her it was like that, boom.”

When was the release of ‘Tusa’?

It should be remembered that the song premiered on November 7, 2019 Cobby Karol G and rapper Nicki Minaj, becoming the song of the summer and of all of 2020. The song debuted at number one on the list Billboard’s Hot Latin Song. has three awards Latin American Music Awards 2021 which he received last April as Single of the Year, Favorite Urban Song and Collaboration of the Year.

The song debuted at number 56 on the US Rolling Stone Tops 100 chart and reached number 41 as its peak position. All these recognitions have raised the name of the Colombian.

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